Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Dentist or Dental Assistant visit, Riding the Hog, Movie Review

Today was another visit to the dentist day, but nothing painful happened. This visit was for the purpose of creating me a bridge for the lower right hand side of my mouth(yea I know it has some kind of funky sounding dental medical term, but I don't know what the terms are, so you get the message)and then I can chew serious food(nuts, steak, fruit, etc.) on this side of my mouth. Now I have to chew on my left side, do the serious chewing, then transfer that mushy stuff to the right side of my mouth for the final wrap up, before the ultimate swallow. I have been getting along with this dilemma for the past year, simply because my insurance would not cover it until this time of year, so being the tightwad that I can be at times, I decided to wait for the insurance happening. The main problem with it is that the left side has a cap on the lower whatever you call it and due to the increased volume of activity on this tooth, it invariably comes off at some point. The problem is that it always comes off on a weekend trip to somewhere USA, but not Lubbock USA. So, I go to Walgreen and get me some of that tooth glue and stick that sucker back on. It usually lasts for a couple of weeks, then comes off again. Kind of a pain in the butt but gets me by until the dentist visit. Now back to my story, I go into the early appointment, 8:00 a.m., and with great anticipation I wait for the announcement, "Mr. Greer, please follow me to the pain center(just joking, she actually said, please follow me to the first room on the left). This Mr. Greer thing really bugged me, generally when they say something like that it means a couple of things: 1. She doesn't know me and in lieu of Mike or Greer(I generally go by my last name), she is just being polite or 2. She is very aware that I am old as dirt and she had better call me Mr. or 3. The pain will begin in a few minutes, so sit your butt down Mr. Greer and endure it or 4. She is just a real nice young lady who is trying to keep it very professional in the dental office(I vote for this alternative). She then explains that she will be taking imprints on my right lower whatever. What that means is that she will be putting this gu like stuff in my mouth, then letting it dry, then pulling it out. This stuff is amazing as to how it dries so fast and how hard it is to pull out. She nearly had to use my nose to leverage this stuff out of my mouth, and she did use my chin. No pain, but did make me wonder what the imprint would look like. She then showed it to me and I was impressed, one hellavu imprint. Now remember I said this was a dentist vist, but alas, I hadn't seen the dentist yet and I am going on 1 hour. Lo and behold my dentist( a really nice guy) shows up with his dental smock, his pair of glasses with the extension vision things on the glasses and he looks into my mouth. Yep, he confirms that my teeth are missing, that I need a bridge, then mumbles some dental medical terms to the nice assistant and he is outta there. Upon his instructions she now takes another impression on the lower right, tells me to wipe my mouth off and get the hell out of the chair(not really I just made this up to make the story sound kind of salty)and get on with my life. I then leave the chair to face the music of the bill and scheduling my next appointment. This is really the good news, they don't require me to pay up front since I have a reliable insurance. So, the receptionist gives me that great smile(very attractive lady if I say so myself)waves me past the pay the bill stall and schedules my next appointment. In the meantime I will continue to chew on the left, shift the food to the right, then swallow(my mother always use to say that I must chew my food 20 times for optimal good health, and I know I don't but probably 10 times, so does that mean I have 50% optimal good health)? Who knows for sure? What a life and I go back on the 15th for more dental stuff. As I was leaving I heard him say something about a possible tooth removal, so my next visit could mean that little needle that sticks in your gums, deadens your mouth, nose, chin, lower nose, etc. Then you walk out with not feeling in your face wondering if this is what it feels like to have a stroke or what. Can't wait!!!

With the past month being total bad weather riding the Hog was impossible. So, with 70 degree, sunny weather today I hit the roads with the Hog. WOW!! that is a good thing and did I enjoy it or what? Yep, I enjoyed it!! I put the leathers on, rode into town for a board meeting, grabbed a sandwich, then went to the big Hog house. It is amazing how you can ride these things for years, but still like to gaze at the new ones waiting eagerly for their new owner. You see, Hogs want to be out on the road with their owner. They do not want to be sitting in that stuffy old show room, just shining. They want to go fast, make noise, draw attention, exceed the speed limit and just show off a little(maybe a lot) bit. I talked to the owner for a long time and told him I had purchased 7 motorcyles over the past 9 years and would likely purchase another one within the year. This is the thing about motorcycles, one is just not enough and the same one for long periods of time, just doesn't work either. Watching men look at motorcycles reminds me of looking at men watching the opposite sex. It is a spell bounding sort of look, and can take your mind off of all concentration and put you in real la la land. When we make the trip to Sturgis, with 500,000 others it is about the ride, and the look. Nothing like it, and if you have to ask why, you will never understand the answer. Can't wait to crank it again, maybe tomorrow!

Movie review, "Because I Said So," ****, excellent movie staring Diane Keaton as the over protective mother of three grown daughters. She is a single mom just around the corner from turning 60. Two of the daughters find mates and marry, while the third just can't seem to get it. So, mom jumps in to find the perfect mate. While we know some of the results are obvious and predictable Ms. Keaton really plays the part and makes us believe this is really happening. During the process she solves some of the problem by accidentally finding a man(for herself) that puts her in orgasmic la la land. Her unmarried daughter also finds two men(sleeps with both of them, yea I know men usually do this), so she must decide between the two. Great movie for all, and not just a girlie movie. With a rating of PG-13 it had some sexual content including dialogue, some mature thematic material(Ms. Keaton male friend on top of her in a sexual position, with no nudity, but you get the picture). Also, partial nudity according to the newspaper review. I must have dozed, I saw no significant skin exposure. Go see it anyway, for good nudity you can go see "Smokin' Aces," already reviewed.

Tiger wins his 7th in a row, going for the record held by Lord Byron of 11 PGA golf tournaments won in a row. This guy is so good at golf he is like from another planet.

Bowling tomorrow night, have missed two weeks in a row, will be there for sure to captain the team.



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