Thursday, February 15, 2007

Grocery shopping, Dental visit, Valentines, Movie Reviews

As I looked down at my grocery list I realized that the first item was not something I recognized. It just said, "Pam" and that didn't compute. So, now my thoughts were on one of my past girl friends(bm time, before Marti), named Pam and maybe she had called or for some reason ended up on this grocery list. Since I didn't write the list, Marti did, I sure didn't want to call her(besides I do not allow my cell phone inside the grocery story, just common courtesy so I won't disturb other shoppers, not that others care since they do it all the time) and say something like, "did Pam call today?" I decided that this adventure was all mine and I had to determine if this was really something I was supposed to buy or if Pam(ex-girlfriend) had called and wanted some advice, on life. As I scooted through the store I found everything else on the list but no Pam. Now I was wondering why she would be calling since she was at least 6 girlfriends bm, and I knew she had married. Oh well, now I have found all of the items on the list except dear old Pam(actually a very good Ironman athlete), so I will have to resort to actually asking someone where the Pam is. I decided to ask the nearest super market guy I could find, and sure enough there was one very close and even had the t-shirt on that said, "super market guy." With great hesitation, but determined to find the answer or Pam whichever comes first, I ask meekly, "sir, where is the Pam?" He said follow me and within minutes we were staring at the Pam containers standing at attention on the top shelf just one aisle from where I was. Now, I remember, Pam is that stuff you spray on cooking pans, etc., to keep everything from sticking. This was not about ex-girlfriend Pam, but about the rib eye steaks Marti was going to cook for supper. Got it, but of course it can't be that simple, now I notice there are at least 6 choices of Pam. Turned out, pot luck, I just shut my eyes and picked the right one. Actually just used a little common sense, when it described the product as something to spray on the surface where you are cooking steaks, you dummy you! This grocery shopping is exciting, just can't wait till the next time!!! NOT!!! Give me something simple for a change!

Now for the fun part, my every other week to the dentist. Good thing I like them or this would get old, but the good news is there has been no pain stuff. Yea I know, hard to believe, like the Normandy invasion with no gun fire. But since my gentle dentist(Dr. Jay Adkins) is doing addition on me instead of subtraction I shouldn't have any pain. Also, since I am making them rich and famous by mentioning them on this infamous blog site, the pain must be passed on to those who don't make them rich and famous. But this office is really a neat dental office, and the dental assistants are very pleasing to the eye and very gentle with old men(sorry you younger turks, but we more mature adults have earned our position in society that demands respect and care). While I still don't think I am of the age to be considered a dirty ole man, I am not sure what catergory I am in. Guess I will let them figure that out. At any event they had to stick that cement in my mouth again to get the imprint of the bottom right hand portion of my teeth. This is painless but kind of weird, since you have a little trouble, breathing and swallowing and then they rip your nose off trying to get it out of your mouth. Then the ole stuff is all over you and you must wash and spit! Then I am excused to go the "pay the bill, do not pass go, do not collect the usual $200 thing, and make the next appointment." In my last post on the dentist visit I mentioned a very attractive lady who strong arms you for the dough, well that is Colene and she does it very well. But, since I have insurance she just smiles real big, makes my next appointment and bids me farewell. My next visit is February 24 and then I get my new teeth, I will now be able to chew on both sides. These new teeth are guaranteed to match my old teeth, don't know how they get 68 year old teeth to match, but they do. As I leave the office and get in my Explorer I am reminded of my first dentist that I had in Lubbock over 40 years ago. This guy was the classic dentist, wearing the solid white smock, looking very grim, and dealing out lots of pain. His nurse looked the same way, and wore the traditional nurse uniform. The weird thing is that when he would get ready to stick the needle in me, he and the nurse would stand side by side about 3 feet from me staring me down. Then, with the long needle in his right hand resting on his left hand, and his faithful nurse standing right beside him, he would say, "this is going to hurt." The nurse would then shake her head in an up and down position meaning, "yes the doctor is right, it is going to hurt." The odd thing about this is that the damn thing did hurt, the weren't kidding. It is so nice now that we don't have to be filled with pain anymore to enjoy our friendly dentist and they don't wear those morbid looking white smocks anymore. Welcome to the new world of pain free dentistry!!!

On one of my previous bloggs I had mentioned that there are too many holidays in our country, 38 to be exact. While Valentines day is not on par with Christmas, New Years, banks closed, all government offices closed, type holiday, it has become something big in the eyes of many. So to celebrate this day of hearts we decided to go see Doug Smith play the piano. Now that is a treat, no matter the time of year or holiday. This guy plays the piano like Tiger Woods hits the golf ball, beyond belief. To further illustrate the comparison, Tiger and Doug started their professions at the same age, 2 years old. Yes Tiger hit the golf ball on the Johnny Carson show at age two, and Doug started playing the piano at age two. He is a West Texas boy raised in Kermit, Texas. He still resides in West Texas but plays throughout the USA. If you ever have a chance to see him, DO IT!! He is awesome!!

Movie reviews(Disclaimer: I know my readers think that all I do is write my blog, go to movies, and generally goof off, but this is not the case, since many of my movies are watched while riding the trainer, early in the morning or at night, the other times I go to a movie on my way home from swimming, so there you have it): "Walk The Line" *****, watched this again on DirecTV, this is the story of Johnny Cash and June Carter. Juaquin Phoenix plays Cash and this is a spectacular performance. Phoenix had never sung before and actually studied the Cash songs, took lessons and did all of the singing himself. He sounded so much like him it was hard to believe it was not a voice over. Reese Whitherspoon played Carter and also did an outstanding job. Whether you like country and western music or not is beside the point, it was an outstanding movie. They were both married to other people when they met, then eventually were married for 35 years until their deaths, only 4 months apart. "Stone Cold" ****, on DVD while I was riding the bike trainer. This story stars Tom Selleck and Mimi Rogers. It is about a former burned out big city cop(Jesse Stone, played by Selleck), who moves to be a small town cop in Paradise, Massachusetts. He also adapts well with the young beautiful thing in town, just to show us he is human. Drama develops quickly with a gang rape in the high school and the beginning of a series of killings. So, two stories going at once, with officer Stone to the rescue. Great drama, great serial killer story, and great ending. "The Messengers" *, grabbed this one on the way home at Tinsletown, one of those horror movies where family from city moves to country to haunted house. Boy, these stories never change. Typically the ghost family is after the someone who killed them, so takes it out on the innocent new owners. Good news is that the new owners survive, and the bad ghosts are put away. Don't waste your time on this one, I did and can say DON'T DO IT!!

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