Monday, February 19, 2007

Lubbock makes CNN, again! Movie review, Misc.

Well ole Lubbock made the CNN news again. This time it was not Coach Knight giving a love pat to one of his players, but the anticipated love pats of the many love starved women(assumed) of Lubbock. With an effort to offer something different to the women of our city, a local sports bar offered the services of the Chippendales dancers over the weekend. While there were very professional ads placed in the paper and many advanced tickets sold, the owner of the bar forgot one thing, THE PERMIT REQUIRED BY THE CITY TO PUT ON "SEXUALLY ORIENTED PERFORMANCES." While city officials say that the public has been made aware of this ordinance and the owner of the sports bar was made aware of it, he really never made an effort to secure one. Seems like a strange business decision to me, to take in over $20,000.00 in advanced sales and not secure the correct legal documents required by the city. This sports bar is not located on the outer limits of the city, but on one of the highest traffic streets in the city. The owner also showed his arrogance towards the ordinance by stating that the Chippendales performance did not represent a sexually oriented performance. Since when, I thought this was the whole idea? Why would women buy an advanced ticket to go see a bunch of fully dressed men do the two step or better still, square dance. Let's put a spade where a spade goes, just buy the permit and have the performance. Insiders that were at the performance told me that one of the dancers did actually show his man shaft to the adoring public, that is when it got ugly and the performance was shut down. Not only did they shut it down but they arrested the dancers, the manager and carted them off to the local jail. I sure hope they let them get dressed since the jail is probably not a safe place for nude male dancers. But, who am I to say, I never been there, done that!! They were brought in the violation of a Class C misdemeanor, and no bail was posted since there were no formal charges made. But they did have to stay one night in jail and then were released the next day. Bet, they were singing, "my best view is Lubbock in my rear view mirror" all they way back to their home state. While I have to agree that the smart thing for the manager to have done, would have been to buy the permit, simple as falling off a log. So, inquiring minds will want to know and I don't have the answer, but will do everything I can do to find it. In the meantime there must be women all over Lubbock in some kind of frustrating situation, again I don't know first hand but would just guess at this assumption.

Movie review: "Hannibal Rising" *****, excellent movie about how and why Lecter became an infamous serial killer. Unknown actors to our screen, but very good. Gaspard Ulliel plays Lecter. Must see, but be warned, it is bloody. But you would expect that from a serial killer who likes to eat the throat out of his victims or cut their heads off(makes for a good trophy).

So much for this morbid stuff. Coming up in the future, will be "Where are they now?" This will deal with some of the early triathlon folks and where they are now. For example, where is the first executive director of USA Triathlon(then Triathlon Federation) and how is he doing? This topic has been recommended by one of my loyal and faithful readers.

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