Friday, February 23, 2007

Zipper guys, go figure, Movie review, Where are they and who are they in USA Triathlon world?

The latest on the zipper down boys is that there will be no formal charges brought against them for their brash attempts at exposing themselves to the ladies of the Hub city. The real culprit here is the establishment manager who just failed to follow the instructions and orders of the law. If he had secured a legal permit, that is required for this type(they don't call it the bible belt for nothing) of entertainment in Lubbock, nothing would have happened and we would have many happy females. Turns out that the police were called in to observe, since there was no permit. Then when one of the dancers thrust his man shaft into the face of one of the lady patrons, the pistols and hand cuffs came out with arrests being made immediately. After reading all of this stuff for the past 3 or 4 days I have decided that this was done by the establishment manager so that the next time they bring these swinging hips to Lubbock the numbers to pre-register will more than double. It appears to be another tactic of using the sensational methodology of getting the public attention. Examples on the national scene are the obnoxious episodes by Donald Trump, Rosie, Britney, and the extreme of Anna Nicole Smith. In today's paper the guilty manager of the sports bar says, "we are bringing the zipper boys back." I am sure that after that announcement ticket sales will go sky high, and the $20,000.00 in promised refunds will be deferred someway. Go figure!

Movie review: "Ghost Rider" *, There are very few times when I totally agree with our local critic; and this is one of them. Such excellent acting talent down the drain with no logical story line, ridiculous dialogue, and action scenes that looked so fake(of course they were, but with today's technology even the Titanic looked like it was sinking) it made you want to barf in the popcorn. With the likes of Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Sam Elliott, and Peter Fonda how can you go wrong. Somehow they did!! Then the ending made it evident that they will have a sequel. Usually the sequels to a good movie are disaster, in this case the sequel can reverse the first disaster. The story line has potential, a deal by the hero is made with the devil for immortality purposes(see that has potential), then the devil reneges(the devil does that all the time), then the hero figures out how to get out of the deal(heroes usually do this in movies), so the devil will now try to get back at the hero at every turn. To be continued in the sequel. Due to my inquiring mind I will attend, since I have got to see if they can muster up something worth seeing or just fall flat again.

Some stuff from the triathlon world: When was the first recorded triathlon in the Olympic Games and what were the three events. Gotcha on this one because you said, "hey dummy, triathlon debuted as an Olympic event in 2000 in Sydney, Australia." Good guess and partially right; however, in the 1904 Olympic games there was an event called triathlon that consisted of long jump, shot put and 100 yard dash. Who was the first triathlete in the United States and where is he today? The answer to that is really just a wag(wild a.. guess), but I would bet on Mr. Walt Stack. This guy started swimming, riding the bike and running, way before it had a name, in the San Francisco Bay area. He was still doing this work out into his 80's. It is estimated he had completed over 300 marathons(I ran the Clovis, NM marathon with him one year) and also the Ironman triathlon in Hawaii(he actually holds the longest finish time record of 27 hours, which will always stand, since there is a cutoff time now of 17 hours). Mr. Stack passed away at the ripe old age of 88, a few years ago. Who are the guys that were originally called the four legends of the sport and where are they now?(Answer for next time)

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