Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dental visit III, Movie reviews

Well this dental visit was extremely different and made me feel like the bionic man. This bridge idea sounded rather harmless and the way to go, as opposed to the implant things that take thousands of dollars and many months. The whole idea is just to replace two lower teeth and fill the void so I can chew food on both sides of my mouth. God made it that way, so man should be able to copy that. So today was the day to pick up my bridge, walk out with all my teeth or substitutes in place and enjoy my eating. This was also supposed to be a no pain day, which for the most part was. The visit started with the quite time in the chair, except one of the assistants did talk to me and we discussed the ever windy wind, and other fun things. Then they brought this thing in the room, looking like it fell out of the bionic man as he belched when walking by, and stuck it in my mouth. Of course it didn't fit so it had to be forced in, so it could then be forced out to make adjustments on it. It was surprising how tight the fit was since it took all the force and strength the gentle dentist could muster, plus hanging on to my nose and chin at the same time. He finally sighed in relief when it came loose, he made some adjustments on it and put it back in. This time it was up to me and my thumbs to remove it, he said I needed the in office practice and then when I couldn't get it out he would come to the rescue. This guy knows his job, since I couldn't get it out and he did return to do some professional prying. I suggested he furnish small standard screwdrivers or maybe mini pry bars, he laughed and then went to work removing them again. After the adjustment he stuck them back in my mouth and explained it was up to me to get them out this time, and left for lunch. So, the with the dental assistant standing close by with crossed fingers, a small prayer being recited and a worried look on her face I actually pried those suckers out of my mouth. For some reason I felt like I had accomplished something and would be given a gold star. But, I was actually ask to vacate the chair, and leave the office since my appointment was over and told that grown men remove bridges from their mouth all the time. No big deal, they say. On the way out I showed all of the good looking women of the office my new mouth piece, voiced my concern for getting it out of my mouth without their help(at this time I invited all of them to go with me to Memphis, TN for a business trade show this weekend, promised them a visit on Beale Street, some fun, and ask them to bring the tools of their trade, in case the bridge got stubborn, they all laughed/accepted but they really knew it was all a hoax and encouraged me to vacate the office), set my next appointment for more adjustments and left. As I was driving down the street I started reflecting on the little accessories I have to keep up with now just to do normal functions, i.e. when not wearing my hearing aide I have to put it in a special pouch and turn off the battery, when not wearing my new bridge I have to clean them and put them in a plastic container, then when I am out in the sun I need my sun glasses, but when I am reading I need my reading glasses, then when I do the computer stuff I need another set of glasses, then when I ride my Hog I must wear the leathers for warmth, the helmet for protection and fill the damn thing up with gas or it won't run, and my special sunglasses just to look cool. Oh the sacrifices we make just to get through a day. This is not to mention the other things we must have, i.e. the laptop, the cell phone, the dvd player, the tv, and on and on! All of this stuff helps us function I guess, but also while it was supposed to make life more simple it has become more complicated. So be it and for those that say life is better than the alternative, I say, maybe not if you believe in re-incarnation. Get it??

Movie reviews: "The Astronaut Farmer" ****, this a good movie. Billy Bob Thornton is a very good actor and does a great job as a former astronaut who never went into space. His dream is to build his own rocket and go into space. Go see it and see if he makes it. Feel good movie is a good description. "The Number 23" *, sorry about that but this is one depressing movie, for no good reason. Jim Carrey is a very good actor, but is so wasted in this movie. If you are not depressed before you go to this movie, you will be by the time it concludes. The newspaper review in it's description said: Rated R for violence, disturbing images, sexuality and language. It should have also stated, depressing.

The Academy Awards were this weekend with a few surprises. Most of the films I had seen but some I hadn't, so will catch up on them when I can. "The Departed" was a big winner and I totally agree with that. It was a very good movie, go see it if you haven't.

Off to Memphis, TN for some business,



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