Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dentist visit, Senior News, Re-modeling, Bicycle ride, Movie review

Well, just experienced my last visit on fitting these pieces of armor placed in my mouth, called "the bridge." Man these things are something else, and can be related to falling off of a 10 story building and landing on your lower gums. Even though I will continue to give it the ole college try, I don't see much hope for this idea. It hurts while it is in the mouth, can't eat with it and then when I take it out, my teeth that have the dude anchored to it hurt. Am I a sissy or what? What I can do though is rest assured I have some form of protection if ever attacked in a dark alley. I will just pull this thing out of my mouth and rip the throat out of my attacker. But, I will confess I was forewarned and went into this little adventure with my eyes open. The dental assistant said, "I would do the implants rather than the bridge, period." Now I see her point; however, I don't think they will take a trade in on these monsters, so I will do the best I can to make them work. Funny thing is, as I type right now they don't hurt even though I can feel them in my mouth.

While going in the friendly CVS drugstore I noticed a rack that had the latest "Senior News" on it. This made me stop and think, what is the difference between "The News" and "The Senior News?" I would think the news is the news, no matter you age, i.e. if 30 Iraqi's blow themselves up isn't it the same news no matter your age, or if Payton Manning dances at a birthday party for a fat fee, isn't it the same news no matter you age? But, inquiring minds had to take a copy of this free "Senior News." Here is what I found that was different(plus my additional comments), for starters, all of the people in the ads had gray hair(gray doesn't mean older, just more mature or more stress), all of the ads pertained to getting in and out of the bath tub easier(get a ladder), ridding yourself of constipation(fiber, man, lots of fiber), managing diabetes(curb that sweet tooth early), managing the Medicare Part D(hire a lawyer), understanding that experience sculpts the brain to build resiliency to stress(my experience tells me to bypass this one), MRI, CT debated for stroke diagnosis(yep, have a stroke, have a multi-thousand dollar MRI to tell you,"you had a stroke sir or mam", Home Plate Diner 10% discount for senior citizens(chicken fried steak at its best), natural looking dentures(smile for me with those plastics, but has to beat bridges), preventing side effect from plasma transfusions(how about death), scientists find new genetic clue to cause of Alzheimer's disease(so what do I do, fire my parents), importance of discussing complementary and alternative medicine use with doctors(give me fruits and veggies any day), improving communication in the ICU about end-of-life care(wow, I can see it now, yea doc let's pull that ole plug while I am napping, that way it won't hurt), long term benefits from mental exercise(take up checkers), aging in style(buy a new suit, take up jogging, take up having sex with someone much younger than you or dreaming about having sex with someone much younger than you, etc., etc.) shoe fit matters(damn right, your toenails come off if you shoe doesn't fit), and finally NIH Senior Health adds information on depression(end of story, this Senior News depresses me, off to do a swim, have a beer, then go to the movie!!!)

Re-modeling reminds me of war, all of these strangers come prancing in you home and take charge. Each one of the specialists take their battle line and position themselves to operate the tools of their speciality. I started to hear this grinding noise, then this sawing noise, then this ripping out noise, then this buzzing noise, it really gives you have a headache. The next thing you know all of the furniture is moved from one room to the other(new tile being laid), then when the painting is started the furniture is piled up in the middle of the room. Then you can't find anything to wear because the chests have been moved, covered, and hidden from my life. I have been wearing the same underwear for 6 days, but the total 6 doesn't count since I turned them wrong side out 2 days. But, I can't find the clean ones, the washer is covered, the chests are covered and I am confused(see why I get the Senior News), I am having a Senior moment that is lasting for 14 days. We decided to go out last night to eat(no eating in the house because of paint odor, sawdust, and glue smells), dance a little and return home. When I get home I can't find my sleeping garments, the dogs have taken over my bed(which is really the guest bedroom since our bedroom is still under repair) and life seems to suck under the re-model mode. But I did sleep very well since I had experienced a 40 mile bicycle ride in the afternoon and I was dog tired. Then there are the dogs in this re-modeling thing. They are more confused than I am, since they are sentenced to staying in their room while the workers are here, but still able to go outside via the dogie door. This is cool to them; however, they are used to being in the main house when we are home and can't be with this mess going on. Squeaky gives us this real disgusted look and stays in bed most of the day, while Buffman still stalks the back yard barking at any noise in the neighborhood. He has always been a take charge type of guy and this paint sniffing has really set him off. But wait till we start the exercise add on room, that will extend from their room to the patio. Then they will really be pissed, since it will infringe on all of their territory. In the end it will be a better place for them, but in the interim they will not have their usual territory.

The bicycle ride was my first ride of the year outside, over 20 miles, and it was an eye opener. First mistake I made was consenting to ride with two guys that could blow my britches off with little effort. Randy Holloway has been training for Ironman AZ, so he was in excellent shape and made it difficult for the Greerman. But, he was patient and did wait up when it was required. The wind was blowing around 25 mph from the South, so we fought that challenge for about 20 miles. My resolve after this little ride was to get myself in better shape and get back on the rodes. Enough of this enjoying life, riding the hog, bowling, dancing, drinking my favorite adult beverage, relaxing, writing, etc. But, I will still maintain balance and continue to have some fun, along with training!!!

Movie review, "Music and Lyrics" ***.5, a romantic comedy staring Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, and Haley Bennett, some sexual content(very tame), a story of a over the hill 1980's musical star(Grant), that teams with a naturally gifted lyricist(Barrymore) to write a song for the current world's leading pop diva(Bennett), and in turn revive his career, in addition Grant creates some boy/girl stuff with Barrymore. Enjoyable movie, with feel good tendencies. Most women would give it a four, I gave it a 3.5 simply because it was a girlie movie and I was there in my leathers(been riding the Hog all day), and I had to apply some macho to this rating.

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Funny how Randy has me read you blogs only when his name is mentioned!! I always enjoy your comments. You inspired me to start my own blog... scary huh... have a good day and continue to tell more tales! Shari Holloway

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