Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Return of Slavery, Legally

When in doubt, “google it!”, that has become my standard operating procedure and it seems to be working well when I need to get some background on any subject. For example I have this strong feeling that slavery is coming back to the USA only it is being disguised under the name of the National Football League(NFL). So, I googled “when did slavery begin in the USA?” I found that the year was 1619 when 20 slaves were brought over from Africa to Virginia. You will notice that was way before the USA was organized as a country in 1776, and then you will find that it was legally abolished in 1865 with the 13th Amendment. Also, the early slave traders were actually black themselves, so go firgure on that one. Now back to my NFL point. In the past most slave owners in the USA were all rich white people and many of the designers of the constitution were white political leaders of the new country, i.e. Thomas Jefferson owned many slaves and even sired 6 off spring with one of them. Incidently Mr. Google also told me that many white owners of slaves sired many children through the dark years of slavery. Now as I watch the NFL games on TV I notice where most of the players on the field are black, some of the coaches are black, many of the sideline helpers are black, but as the cameras gaze upwards towards the rich owners box, behind bullet proof glass ,I find that the owners are white. Now, my point is begining to surface before your very eyes. In a matter of 10 years, possibly, all of the players, coaches, field workers, trainers, etc., will all be black but when you gaze upward to the now double bullet proof glass you will still see the billionaire WHITE owners of the teams. So, that is my way of saying slavery will come back through the NFL example and while the black athletes, coaches and workers will be paid much more than the original slaves they will still be held hostage by the billionaire owners. Is this possible water cooler discussion for the office group, or just google mumbo jumbo? Then we can carry this discussion even further in total opposition to this theory by the fact Tebowmania took the NFL by storm this year, and he just happens to be a very gifted athlete and man of caucasian birth.

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