Sunday, June 12, 2011

Frog Watching

Hall of Fame college basketball coach Bobby Knight once said that he would rather watch two frogs making love than watch a National Basketball Association pro game. So, the other night I took his advice but rather than the frogs I did watch the NBA game between the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat. Both teams are loaded with billionaire owners and millionaire players. While the only real interest in it was to see if the Mavericks could actually win a NBA Championship, the other curious aspect was whether these millionaire players were worth watching. The owners have spent so many millions to build these teams it is amazing that every ball doesn’t go through the nets without any effort. Turns out these guys sweat, miss shots, get fouled, foul, complain, and just look like normal human beings(except for the tatts). Bottom line, Dallas won and can win it all Sunday night since they hold the edger 3-2. Since there are no frogs on the other channels I may watch this game.

EA, SH.......:)



Blogger Blue Girl said...

Just spoke /w SH and then read the AJ article . . . the nurse in me says "stay off the HOG"!! but the nurse in me also understands that u prolly won't if u can get on it!!

11:20 AM  

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