Saturday, June 18, 2011


Love this transition stuff during recovery. The transition to the recovery mode was challenging but had to be done, no choice just too much pain. So, now things are coming around and after doing 3 painful swims during the past two weeks, a 1,000 that took two days to get over, a 500 that felt decent but started hurting at 480, then another 500 at minimal pain, today I actually did 1,000 with no pain. Funny thing how the mind works, during the latter part of it I was going through the transition to the bike in my mind. Transitioning is great for recovery!! It also has great application in the rest of our lives!!

EA, SH,......:)



Blogger Blue Girl said...

Glad to hear things are getting better. Hopefully u will be able to ride 'the HOG' at the triathalon coming up at Buffalo Springs Lake. GH

8:51 PM  

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