Friday, November 11, 2011


Someone once said that if you do not believe in the resurrection then hang around a government office of any kind around quitting time and you will see it happen in real life. Now I am not talking about any particular government office, it can be city, state, national or international. The case point today centers on the county tax office where you buy your vehicle license plates. Due to circumstances beyond my control I walked into their maze of roped pathways(I was the only one in the maze so I had to walk back and forth, turn, walk back and forth, turn, then like coming out of a starting chute I walked up to the nervous lady who would record my title, charge me a fee and send me on my way. She was nervous because now it was 10 minutes before quitting time at 5:00 p.m. and she was sure it was going to push her into over time. She was nice and cordial but you could read the anxiety in her actions with her eye movement and slight tremor in her hands. Transferring a title to a vehicle is a big deal and takes some concentration so that made it even worse. Then she had to make a copy of the transaction and she literally ran to the copy machine which was only 10 feet from her. Now of all things she made a mistake and had to start all over. She did apologize for the mistake and the extra time it was taking but I was really relaxed and was not adding to her frustrations. After all I had my place in line secured(I was the only one there) and she only had me to worry about. In my idle time I noticed that they had another lady who walked back and forth behind the ladies taking care of the real work(looking like a watch dog). It appeared that her job was to make sure the work got done by 5:00 p.m. and not a minute over. Feeling a little responsible for my attendants nervous feeling I did apologize for coming in so late and she said that was okay since sometimes a person comes in at 4:59 p.m. with a hand full of titles, Ooooops, am I a glad I don’t have to witness that. At any rate I got my title transferred, paid the $30.00 fee, and made my exit out as they locked the doors behind me and I heard the clicks loud and clear. Sense of urgency in action!!

Quote of the week: Texas Tech Head Coach Tommy Tuberville stated(after two straight blow out losses): “We obviously don’t have much of a defense, sense the other team never had to punt during the game, that is the first time I have seen that happen in my many years of coaching!” Wow Coach Tub, wonder how you came upon that conclusion? For your info Coach, the Raiders will probably lose the last 3 games of the season and if they do win one it will be completely by accident. Rather than give your guys chill pills you need to give them cases of Red Bull!! It works every time!

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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Geezer Gadgets

How many times have you heard me complain about the good ole days of simplicity and where have all the “on” and “off” buttons gone? Well I decided to look around me and see what is left of those good “ole” days and there was more there than I remembered. For example, the old fashioned finger nail clippers are still there, still doing a great job and very inexpensive. Even though their style hasn’t changed or the cheap metal they are made of you can keep those nails trimmed and cleaned slicker than a whistle. Then there is the fly swatter. I bought one last night at the grocery store and when I was looking for it I expected something real fancy with some kind of battery operated gismo that sucked the flies into the chamber and put some kind of killing dust on them. But, lo and behold there was this wire handle with a 6’ x 6” square plastic swatter at the end of it just like in the old days. You just swat them very quickly and painlessly and they are history. To round out my oldies but goodies story, I looked in my closet and saw the old wire coat hangers still hanging in there keeping my clothes from falling to the floor. On top of that wire coat hangers are used for other things that may require a very stiff wire to secure something that is hanging down for some reason. I use to know a guy that actually manufactured coat hangers, he seem fairly normal but did have a twitch in his speech when he talked. Said something about the many uses there were for wire coat hangers and how he used them to pick his teeth. The conclusion here is that while I don’t ever see any Henry Ford model A’s running around I do see some of that good ole day gadgets that are still serving mankind very well. Makes me feel so good!!

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Friday, November 04, 2011


While I know the local print newspapers are on their way out I still enjoy going to the end of my driveway every morning around 5:30 a.m. and picking up the daily paper. Our paper person(use to be called “paper boy) puts it right where I can see it in the dark and never under one of our vehicles or in the morning lawn watering. Since I was a paper boy back in my “boy” days I know how important it was to put it in just the right place. Then I head back into the house, grab a cup of tea and see what the news is. Of course with internet news I know this print stuff is about 24 hours old, so I take that into consideration when I read it. For the most part I like all of the sections of the paper but I guess the one that amazes me the most is the obituraries. It is amazing what you will find in this section and how much you can learn about a person from reading them. Today the oldest was 94 and the youngest was 55, most everyone died from natural causes, whatever that is. It always irritates me when they don’t say exactly what caused the death, but I have noticed if you look in the latter part of the article it will say where to send the flowers and suggested memorials, i.e. Alzheimer’s Association, Heart Association, etc., so you get a clue of what happened. A few years ago we had a friend die and he was a few years older than me, so it could have been anything but it didn’t say for sure. After checking around town I found that he was sitting in his hot tub, passed out and then drowned. Since I used to see him at the local two stepping dance halls it seems strange not to see him there and to think he met his waterloo actually in the rambling waters of a hot tub. The other day I read an obit about a guy that was actually my age and in the article it actually said, “when he finally died, it was peaceful!” I took issue with the word “finally”!! What did that mean exactly as my mind wonders if the family was sitting around him wondering if he would “finally” die before their eyes. May we all rest in peace as the people who write our obits have a little fun and tell the world how we departed!

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