Monday, June 18, 2012

Dumb and Dumber, Movie Reviews

Life seems to be a series of dumb activities that makes us smarter since we will not do those dumb things again.  On the other hand they sometimes turn to dumber before they become smarter.  Reminds me of the movie “Dumb and Dumber” where the two leading characters did very dumb things, as the movie progressed they did get dumber.  Of course I realize that was for comedy sake and real things like that don’t exist in real life, WRONG!  These things do exist.  As life moves on I am amazed at how dumb things can get for no good reason, except they are a result of dumb actions.  One really comes to mind when I went on my last road trip I took off both of my rings since I do not like to drive with them on since they make my fingers swell for some strange reason.  One of these rings is not just an ordinary ring, it is in fact the college class ring my mother bought me exactly 50 years ago and I treasure it with my life.  It also has 5 of her diamonds from her wedding ring mounted in it.  Through the years it has worn down but you can still read the most of the wording on it and of course the diamonds sparkle in the sun light.  The dumb part of this is that I put them in a place I normally do not put things to hide them but I figured I would remember after the trip, again WRONG!  The dumb thing is that I completely forgot I had worn the rings and put them in hiding.  Since I don’t wear the rings every day I just didn’t think about them not being in their normal place until about a month after the trip.  BONG!! All of a sudden one day it dawns on me, my rings are not in their normal place.  So, I panic and get really emotional about this and wonder what has happened to my 50 year old class ring.  My mother has got to be turning in her grave and saying, MICHAEL!! where is that ring I gave you with my hard earned money?? 
 So, I go through every pocket, drawer, piece of clothing, storage, glove compartment in the Explorer, side pocket in the Explorer, center storage area of the Explorer, drink holder, under the floor mats, etc.  I was so thorough with the Explorer because that is the last time I remember having them on and then I did remember taking them off.  So, now I go to the kitchen and drink a Red Bull with a Gingko pill that makes me energetic and think better(I am not writing this with that influence right now, thank you!) and I search my mind again asking very humbly, WHERE IS THAT DAMN RING, DUMMY??  Well the day goes on an no rings, even after I have told anyone in my life who will listen and have ask them to be on the look out for this half century heirloom.  An all points bulletin has been issued from my cell phone so that was a smart thing!  Then after an all day search is exhausted, no ring.  I pull into the drive way in Ransom Canyon, turn the engine off, put the emergency brake on and bingo I remember where I have put the rings.  They are in the side pocket of the Explorer in a baggie zip lock with my extra calling cards.  They had hidden themselves from view and that is why I did not see them before, DUMB!  So, now I am all of a sudden feeling smart since I put them in a safe place and after all I did find them tucked away safely and unharmed.  The other smart thing is I have a subject to write about in my blog.  What a brilliant person I am, not maybe as dumb and dumber as I thought.  Maybe I can start another career as a detective, or maybe I will leave the rings in their safe place in my chest of drawer or maybe I can just write myself a note as to where I put them.  While this certainly is not a candidate for another movie, it is possible that a short story of “Smart and Smarter” is a possibility!
Movie Reviews:
“Bernie”, ****. Jack Black does a great job in this true story about an assistant funeral director in East Texas and the drama in his life after making friends with the a real, old, mean, rich woman played by Shirley MacLaine.  Matthew McConaughey plays the District Attorney.  The real life interviews of actual citizens in Carthage, Texas(the setting of this unusual true story) are really entertaining and humorous.  Rated PG-13 for some violent images and brief strong language. 
“Snow White and the Huntsman”, **, Another sci-fi type movie about a good queen and and evil queen in the 13th century.  Actually turns boring about in the middle and stays that way with a predictable outcome, i.e. good always wins over evil in this type of movie.  Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and actions, and brief sensuality. 
“What to Expect When Expecting”, *, Boring, not worth the excellent popcorn.  The story line is about 4 young women in different life styles who get pregnant.  Then it is about their pregnancy, etc., etc.  Since I have lived this in real life it had no appeal to me and was a waste of time.  Oh, the things I do for my readers!! Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content, thematic elements and languages.  
EA, SH.....:)!