Monday, March 09, 2009

Over abundance, part II, Life Coaching, Movie Reviews

While I really hate to just keep on about the over abundance of over abundance in this country I have a few more things to say about it, then I am done for a while. Excuse me, but there is an over abundance of "news" being thrust upon us on a 24/7 basis and it is getting to be very stupid. Funny thing is that we are listening to it or they wouldn't continue. While Mr. Ted Turner(just finished his book, Call Me Ted) invented and brought to the world the idea of 24 hour news I am thinking it is just too much. We never have any time for the good news since the bad news always has priority. Maybe I am a news junkie or something since I get the morning news delivered to my doorstep, which is really the day before yesterday late news, and I get the news on my AOL Internet, plus I have the satellite radio that has over 6 news channels on it. I usually listen to POTUS, channel 110, then sometimes I will check the other channels just for the fun of it. The one news media I don't pay attention to or even watch is the nightly television news, since I only watch movies on TV. Generally I remember them as reporting all of the bad car wrecks in town and showing the blood spilled autos that collide with each other after the occupants have been toasting the town. What I have noticed is that the Big O makes some kind of daily news bulletin and they always have the same message, THE COUNTRY IS IN TERRIBLE SHAPE and his new programs are going to save the day. Yesterday he announced that he was re-instating stem cell research, a program that w. discontinued after receiving extreme pressure from the anti-abortionist social groups. The Big O didn't need congress approval to change this, so what he did was re-instate this during the lull time in sending out an over abundance of billions of dollars to save some big insurance company that surely doesn't know what they are doing, or maybe they do. They are scamming the tax payers, living high on the hog, and getting away with it. On POTUS today they mentioned that his approval rating had dropped a few points, so he was using this stroke of the pen to show that he was going to carry through with one of his campaign promises. So, it was newsworthy or really the only action that he could take that would gain national recognition and put on the brown points with the scientists. Now maybe some good break through will happen to over come the overabundance of disease in this country that is not getting cured. There has not been a cure for a major disease since the cure and prevention for polio was found in 1955. That is a sick and stupid fact; however, I am convinced that the health care industry DOES NOT want cures, since that would for the most part put them out of business. What a shame, and I am doing everything I can to put them out of business by staying as healthy as I can. The next grand act that will happen is the bailout money to the automakers of Detroit. Ford says they are alright now, but General Motors is in bad shape and will not make it through March if the Feds don't bail them out with at least $17,000,000,000.00 plus or minus. I wrote this out with the zeroes so you could see what a billion dollars looks like. But, speaking of overabundance of money owed, how about the $10,000,000,000,000.00 we will owe after the Big O continues to give it away. Well you say we are broke so how is he doing this and with what? Simple, they are just printing more money(not backed by the gold standard since 1971) which in the long run decreases the value of the dollar. Okay, now you say, what in the hell are you doing greer, you are going way over board about this abundance thing and giving us way more facts than we really want. So, I will back off now and report the good news: there are some companies in this country that are doing very well and actually hiring new employees, i.e. Sears(remember Sears and Roebucks?), CVS Pharmacy, Wal-Mart, and MacDonalds is still enjoying great business with no slow down. So why don't we hear more about that? Well you just did and now it is in print, but I must say the big news today was the closing of bankrupt Circuit City, and the laying off of 34,000 employees. Now that is bad news which makes it eye catching news. But then in the same token, better run companies such as Best Buy will now flourish, stay in business and offer us great stuff that Circuit City can't. As I complain about the overabundance of news I will conclude my tirade and then go to,, AOL news, then wait for the newspaper in the morning to read what I have already read the night before, then I will top it all off with listening to POTUS while I drive into Lubbock. What a deal!!

On a much lighter side of the news, which really will not make the news, I spent last weekend achieving my Life Coaching certification from Coaching Institute International. It was a very positive weekend and I learned a lot, which is what was suppose to happen. So, next is to get the formal practice up and running. Life Coaching is kind of like the sport of triathlon in that it is a relatively young profession. So, I will get the practice started and then continue my education to get the Master Life Coaching certificate. While I really have enough certificates from everything imaginable, I will get one more.

"Confessions of a Shopaholic", ***. While this movie epitomizes the over buying and over use of credit cards it is a cute movie. Isla Fisher(a real looker) plays the part of the ultimate shopper who has too much credit, too many cloths already and no sense of what she is doing. The manikin in the store windows even talk to her. She then gets a job with a magazine and is hired to offer financial advice. What a plot here. It is worth the matinee ticket price only and will probably be gone and sentenced to a DVD before you can buy your popcorn. Beware!! Rated PG for some mild language and thematic elements(what the hell does that mean?)

"Hotel for Dogs", ***, Wow, I had to give this three stars since one of the stars of the movie is a Boston Terrier. It is a real cute, Disney type movie without the Disney label. All of it is totally unbelievable but still makes you smile a little to watch all of these different dog breeds interact. Oh yes there is a plot, but you can't take it very serious since you know how it is going to end anyway. Go see at matinee prices. Rated PG for brief mild thematic elements(that term again), language(they said darn, and shucks at least two times), and some crude humor(can't remember that, must have been when one of the dogs peed on a coffee table!!)