Monday, January 30, 2006

Return from Florida, Creative Mind, and other stuff

Marti and I returned from our meeting in Florida with the World Triathlon Corporation president Ben Fertic, and his staff, to include Judy Molnar vice president of Iron Girl and Steve Meckfessel, . Boy, if you want to get energized and feel very positive make an appointment with this group and just go hang out with them. They are positive and up beat and no obstacle is too big. We had great discussions with Ben relative to the Kona and 70.3 World series and feel really good about all that we discussed. We also came away realizing just how difficult and challenging that job can be. Eveyone out of the know will just say, "Wow, what a job, just fly around the world visiting all of the neat Ironman races being put on and sip mint julips." While it is a very interesting and exciting job, it has daily almost by the minute extreme challenges. With races being put on around the world with different cultures, languages, etc., the challenges never end. It really ticks me off when I read of criticism towards the big ole for profit corporation of triathlon, the WTC. Well I will say it again, the for profits are what made America and the rest of the world is still trying to figure that out. WTC works hard for their profits and for the sport. More equipment innovations and state of the art race production has happened as a result of their involvement in the sport. We commend Ben for his hard work and especially for taking the time to visit with us on Saturday. He and his wife are expecting their third daughter within a few months, so every minute home is precious. We had great talks about our races, the WTC/USAT/ITU drama, and the sport in general. If someone tells you that WTC is not trying to get all of the differences resolved we can assure you that is not the case. They want immediate resolution and are doing everything they can to get it done. Marti and I are real happy to be a small part of this dynamic organization. I have had a very unique experience of being on both sides of the issues and see the sport from the for profits and non-profits, and have seen the good, bad, ugly and uglier of the sport. The supreme non-profit of the sport and National Governing Body, USA Triathlon, should go back and read their mission statement and get back on track to that mission.

The Iron Girl staff is a great one to work with and this was our first in house, in the face meeting. They are bright, young and energetic for the healthy lifestyle aspect of the sport of triathlon and running. We feel that with their tremendous support for our new race in Irving, TX(Iron Girl Texas) we will be part of a new era in promoting and building the healthly lifestyle associated with triathlon. Judy is a God send to this sport and it is a pleasure to know her and work with her.

As promised, "The Hidden Secrets of the Creative Mind"- What is creativity? Where does it come from? The workings of the creative mind have been subjected to intense scrutiny over the past 25 years by an army of researchers in psychology, sociology, anthropology and neuroscience. But no one has a better overview of this mysterious mental process than Washington University psychologist R. Keith Sawyer, author of the new book Explaining Creativity: The Science of Human Innovation. He is working on a version for the lay reader(us), due out in 2007 from Basic Books. In an interview with Francine Russo, Sawyer shares some of his findings and suggests ways in which we can enhance our creativity not just in art, science or business but in everyday life. Here is some of that interview that I found interesting:

Q: Has the new wave of research upended any of our popular notions about creativity? A: Virtually all of them. Many people believe creativity comes in a sudden moment of insight and that this "magical" burst of an idea is a different mental process from our everyday thinking. But extensive research has shown that when you're creative, your brain is using the same mental building blocks you use every day--like when you figure out a way around a traffic jam. Greerman comment: Couldn't agree more, Glenn Campbell, at one time a very poplular country and western singing star once said, "I've worked for the last 10 years to become an overnight success." Ideas come in a multiple aray of synergistic functions that enable us to all of a sudden have a great idea. These ideas play off of each other and result in some new innovation. I happen to know the guy that decided there was a need for a little plastic holder to go on the roof tops to secure Christmas lights. He designed it, patented it, manufacturered it, and then sold it around the world for millions. This didn't come overnight, but through a series of thought processes he invented a very useful product for the consumer. The same thing happens when medicines are found for deadly diseases, they don't come overnight but come through a serious of test and research. Q: Then how do you explain the "aha!" moment we've all had in the shower or gym--or anywhere but at work? A: When we take time off working on a problem, we change what we're doing and our context, and that activates different areas of our brain. Greerman comment: This is just saying we are too close to the subject and need to back off. When we do we get new thought processes and we approach it in a more relaxed, rested mode. Marti is always saying to me, "since you are the new idea man, come up with a new idea for Buffalo Springs." Well, while flattered that she would think this, new ideas just don't sit around on the tip of my brain or tongue. I have new thoughts during the same setting described above, i.e. very seldom the shower, but during exercise. Sometimes on a long bike ride or even on a long(600 miles) hog ride. I got the idea for the Lubbock area Ironman Hall of Fame(Kona finishers only) on a bike ride. The whole thought process resulted from us wanting to bring more awareness to the Buffalo Springs 70.3 in the Lubbock area and to honor the athletes who have completed Kona. When I issued the press release on the new Hall the newspapers and TV stations started calling. There was a great article in the local paper about the new Hall and also on TV. So, my idea bringing more awareness of the event and sport worked. But, these type of ideas actually come from years of experience and seeing what has been done in the past by other locations. Again, the theory of the evolution of synergistic thought processes. Q: How can the average person get more ideas? A: Here's where we come up against another of our cultural myths about creativity--that of the lone genius. Ideas don't magically appear in a genius' head from nowhere. They always build on what came before. And collaboration is key. Look at what others in your field are doing. Brainstorm with people in different fields. Greerman comments: Bottom line, you can't force creative thinking, it must just happen after compiling many thought processes, plus the time must be taken to truly think and meditate. Q: What advice would you give for us ordinary people? A: Take risks, and expect to make lots of mistakes, because creativity is a numbers game. Work hard, and take frequent breaks, but stay with it over time. Greerman comments: Couldn't agree more. The main problem in our computer world is that everyone wants instant success, so if they don't get it they go on prescription drugs or steal it from their employer. If they can't hit "enter" and get results they are completely frustrated. The computer offers nothing in creativity, except the potential of gaining information off of the web. Myth: Creative people get a great idea in a flash and then just execute it. Reality: Orville and Wilbur Wright were hardly the first to try to build a flying machine(they were actually in the bicycle business), but they tinkered with their design for years, revising each element again and again. For the wings alone, they tested more than 200 designs in a wind tunnel they built, and each attempt sparked new ideas that led to a machine that actually flew. Hope this information is kind of useful and we look forward to this book hitting the shelves.

From Dr. Weil today: Hope you are getting his daily e-mails, remember they are free and you don't have to buy anything. This morning he had a free survey to determine the type of supplements you might need, based on the customized Vitamin advisor survey he has designed. He also gives you the daily cost of any supplements that may be recommended. This is good stuff, go there immediately.

Bushisms(these are actual quotes, if you can figure them out, the good news for us Texans is that the Bushman was educated in the North, not the South, he is a plastic Texan): "I think he needs to stand up and say if he thought the president were wrong on policy and issues, he ought to say where."--Interview with the Associated Press: August 11, 2000 or "My administration has been calling upon all the leaders in the--in the Middle East to do everything they can to stop the violence, to tell the different parties involved that peace will never happen."--Crawford, Texas(not in West Texas); August 13, 2001.

George Carlin: "More people write poetry than read it." or "Most of the time people feel okay. Probably it's because at that moment they'r not actually dying." or "Usually, when you go to someone's house they offer you coffee. They say, " You want some coffee?" I tell them, "No thanks, I have coffee at home. But I could use a little pancake mix." I ry to get things I need.

Current movies: Hot-"Last Holiday", Queen Latifah stars in this one and it is good. The last one I saw with her in it, as a cab driver, was not good. But, this one is very good. She does a great job and the story, while predictable is entertaining and enjoyable, a feel good type of movie. Don't expect a shoot em up or lots of sex.

Movie footnote: "Brokeback Mountain", while this is a love story between two Cowboys I found it noteworthy to mention that they really didn't herd "cows" but they were actually "sheep" herders. Of course one could go on with all kinds of speculation here relative to their relationship with the sheep and all, but I won't(haven't I grown up??)

Must do some training,


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ever Seen a Fat Mouse? report from Dr. Weil

For the life of me I have never paid attention to mice and whether they are fat, muscular, slim, or just pesky. But, it seems as though they are tested for everything and then the studies reveal some of the things we should know about our bodies and how we can do as the mices do. Anyway, since I think so much of what I have been reading from Dr. Weil I am going to share some of the latest from his daily tips e-mail(hoping you took my advice and have this coming to you, it will be boring stuff or old stuff) concerning weight loss and drinking milk. Q: I have been seeing more and moe advertisements claiming that drinking milk helps in weight loss. What do you make of this? Are these claims based on studies? Are the studies valid? Answer from Dr. Weil: Some evidence suggests that high calcium consumption in the form of dairy foods can promote weight loss, but that doesn't mean that all you have to do is drink lots of mile. Here's the story(digested): In one study, the researchers fed obese mice a high-fat, high-sugar diet for six weeks. The animals' body fat increased by 27 percent. Then the researchers put the mice on different low-calorie diets. They also gave one group calcium supplements, another group dairy foods, and the third group just the low-calorie diet. The mice in the third group lost only 8 percent of their new body fat; the mice that received calcium lost 42 percent, and the mice that got dairy products lost 69 percent of the fat they had gained. When the same researchers tried similar tactics on obese people, the ones who lost weight were the ones whose diets included dairy products. From Greerman: Here's the kicker, this study was sponsored by the National Dairy Council and published in April 2004 in Obesity Research. Meanwhile, a study at Creighton University in Nebraska showed that over a 20 year period, women whose intake of dairy foods was highest had an average weight gain of zero while those whose dairy intake was lowest gained a pound per year. Other studies have showed the intake volume of dairy products, or not, made no difference. Bottom line is we know for sure rats lose on this diet. Dr. Weil summarized by saying, "I think the jury is still out on this one. But I can tell you that you won't lose weight by adding yogurt or some other type of dairy product to what you're eating now. However, if you replace some of the calories in your diet with yogurt or other types of dairy products, over time you may see a difference." This makes good sense to me and is very common sense. Also, when I am ask if, due to my advanced age, I have ankle, knee, or hip problems and if not why? My answer is No, and I feel that the real reason is that when I was a teenager playing football, running track, riding a motorcycle, etc., I drank 3 quarts of whole milk at every meal. My mother thought about buying a cow and my father thought I was nuts. But, I believe it paid off for now. So, that is why I talk about taking care of ourselves when we are young so that we can be healthy when we age. Dr. Weil agrees with this.

The statement has been made by many learned men/women, that you are what you eat. I have added a little verse to this, you are what you think! From what I have seen by some of our population I wonder what they eat and think!

"Sooner or later you figure out that pragmatisms are principles in a democracy. It's not selling out your convictions."--Bill Clinton(not bad for the zipperman)

The Hidden Secrets of the Creative Mind is next, I don't have time for it now. This creative mind is out the door for a Legal Mediation.

Also, keep abreast of current affairs, there will be a name recognition quiz given to my readers on the next post(Jen or Pam won't be on it).


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Happenings at USAT, other stuff

Okay, two posts in 24 hours, but there is much to talk about and some happenings at USAT that are truly significant. While it would appear that some really eye opening things have happened at USAT since the arrival of the new executive director, I think the announcement made yesterday that Libby Burrell, National Teams Director, falls into the category of major. While many in the age group world probably don't get what Libby did, simply put and without going in to complete detail of all her duties, she was responsible for putting the best possible athletes in the Olympic competition arena. She was in charge when the first Olympic medal was won by Susan Williams, in the past Olympics. Libby has also authored the very complete, comprehensive, and professional strategic plan for the National teams program. This plan was highly regarded in the sport and gained complete endorsement from the USAT Board(even though I am sure most didn't really read it as they should have). She was very well respected at ITU and the USOC, so this has got to have them scratching their heads. A very classy post can be found on by Libby, as to the reasons for her resignation and what led her to resign. In my close dealings with Libby, during my interim executive director days at USAT, I found her to be very professional and met her challenges head on. There were many days during my 6 months on the job that she and I conferred quite frequently during the day, always coming away with a logical explanation or solution to answer the challenges of that day. She was one of my favorite staff members and as I use to tell her, "it was nice having a grown up to talk to, every once in a while." She is leaving a program, in better condition than when she arrived, that did produce the first medal for the sport and has a pipeline of very capable athletes and coaches to carry it forward to more medals and that elusive Gold. I always felt that since Libby was an Ironman(woman) she also had a good feel for the age group athlete. She will be missed but she will also be doing what she feels is right in her heart, and will be returning to "home."

Humor: "The guy who was the former chef at the White House has written a tell-all book. For example, he says Dick Cheney, Vice President, his favorite dish is something called chicken Gitmo--it's chicken bound and gagged over rice."--David Letterman or "John Kerry is positioning himself for another run at the White House in 2008. Kerry said this campaign will be much better than the last one. He says this time he's gonna take three positions on each issue."--Jay Leno

Dr. Weil on "You(And Your Brain) are what you eat."--Foods that go directly to your head--Omega 3 fatty acids, gathered oily fish, like salmon, sardins, mackerel, herring, bluefish and black cod. This is the best source of food for the brain, but Dr. Weil suggests that we keep an eye out for turmeric, the yellow spice that is a major ingredient in American mustard and Indian curries. Of course there is always the fruits and vegetables recommendation for your diet. The pigments that account for the varied colors of vegetable and fruits have antioxidant properties that offer significant protectin against cancer and other chronic diseases, as well as protection from a range of environmental toxins, including pesticides.

Next on my list, "The Hidden Secrets of the Creative Mind."--interesting stuff. But got to go do some swimming.


Monday, January 23, 2006

In place of Monday Night Football

This past weekend I was very thankful to Jerry Jones for buying the Dallas Cowboys. Because of his purchase of my ex-beloved Cowboys I was able to get lots done and some training. My reasoning for this will make sense once I explain. Mr. Jones is the guy that bought the Cowboys and completely screwed them up, so they are no longer in the play offs and I really don't care who else is playing, so I get more done around the hacienda and training. I started watching the Cowboys from day one, ole shorty Eddie Labaron(the shortest quarterback to ever play the professional game @ 5' 7" and one tough muther) was the starting quarterback and Dandy Don Meredith came next. Oh those were the good ole days, now past. I did like Jimmy Johnson a lot and enjoyed his victories and style of coaching. But typically Mr. Jones had to screw that up to, so back to cleaning the garage, petting the dogs, and doing a training bike ride with Marti. Not a bad trade off actually and we we able to clean out the garage and do an outdoor ride on the bikes.

My observations made during the cleaning of the garage is still kind of confusing and I ask the simple question, where the hell did all of this stuff come from and what do we do with it? Some of it is Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon back 16 years ago, and some of it is my ole tool box my father gave me. Funny thing about that tool box is that when my father gave me that he figured that all of the frustations he had about me not being a mechancially minded person would be remedied by the gift of this shiny black, Sears Craftsman tool box. I had never been very gifted along the lines of mechancis and I am convinced my father had considered trading me in shortly after he discovered this. But, alas I could play the game of football very well and this redeemed my mechanical inabilities to such a point he kept me after all. We had a lot of fun talking the game when I played, then going to the games after my playing days were over. We both watched the game the same way and really enjoyed watching the plays develop and being completely frustrated with listening to the people in the stands that did not know a thing about the game, but seemed to have all of these great opinions to how the team should be doing. So, this ole tool box brought back some great memories, even though my father has been gone to that great tool box in the sky for over 15 years, and I am again thankful to Mr. Jones for providing me some very good quality time. The training ride with Marti was great, but for some reason we were both very tired after the ride and elected to drink a couple of beers, eat some wholesome Dr. Weir recommended food and then went to bed for a good nights sleep. Buffman and Squeaky were pooped also, since they beat us to bed and were tucked in before we were. They are getting ready for the May 21 Buffman & Squeaky Internatinal triathlon and seem to be getting very up tight over it already. I commented to Buffman, "hey dude, take a break and calm down, it is four months off till the event, so cool it." He is generally very cool and then Sqeaky starts doing her thing, you know biting on his legs, rolling in front of him and generally just being a pest. Of course then he figures out that he must become the head dog of the house and starts barking and growling. That sends Squeaky into a real dizzy and the fun begins. Athletes be ready, since your hosts are pumped for the event to get here.

Tidbits from the world of news: "Have you noticed that Dick Cheney has been walking around with a cane lately? He said that he really didn't need the cane. He just liked the idea that a tree had to be cut down to make it."--Jay Leno "The Alito hearingsw are so dull that that woman in Cincinnati who was dead in front of her TV for two years--she got up and turned them off."--David Letterman "The guy who invented LSD celebrates his 100th birthday tomorrow. Yeah, he plans to spend the day surrounded by friends, family and a 9-ft.-tall unicorn."--Conan O'Brien "

In the next few days watch for postings on the subject of, "You(And Your Brain) are what you eat", plus "The Hidden Secrets of the Creative Mind."

Before signing off for tonight I must give two movie revues: Saturday was one of those days that seemed great for a movie, so we went to two movies back to back in two different movie houses. First, we saw "Brokeback Mountain" at Movies 16, rated *****stars by the local rating person. Can't really disagree with him, but should warn that the sub plotting may be disturbing to some. Instead of the 20 year love affair being with man and woman it was with man and man. But, the movie was very well directed, acted and produced. Regardless of the "out of the box" scenes and story line it was a great movie. Just be prepared to see men engage in sexually orchestrated sex and do some frontal lip sucking kissing. The acting was great and the setting in Wyoming was breathtaking. Second, we made the exit as fast as possible out of Blow, um I mean Brokeback and headed to Tinseltown to see "Road To Glory", the story of the 1965 National College Baskeball Championship win by Texas Western College, El Paso, Texas over the mighty Kentucky Wildcats(I think), winner of 5 previous National Championships. The story here is one I remember vividly and the first time any Division 1 school had started 5 black players. It was definetly an out of the box story and the results changed the game of basketball and opened up vast opportunities for the black athletes in America to compete in the major college conferences and later in the pro leagues. Again, it was well directed, acted and produced. I give it a 5 ***** rating and guarantee you will enjoy it, even if you do know the outcome.

Good Night and Good Luck,


Friday, January 20, 2006

USAT RD Conference, Dr. Weil/Sears, Willie, etc.

Well I just returned a few days ago from the annual trip to the North for the USA Triathlon annual race directors meeting, now under the new euphemisms watch. For example, the race director meeting is now called a Congress, the discussions of the Rules is now called a Summit, the value of the USAT brand centers around Social Currency, etc. When I very diplomately (someone came up to me and said I was diplomatic in my questioning) pointed out to the new executive director, that the social currency of the Federation had been devalued as a result of the WTC/USAT split the room became very quite. He did give an answer but was extremely vague and nothing you could take to the bank(get it?). There needs to be a glossary of terms printed so we can recognize all of the new stuff. My hope is still that this split will be resolved, but knowing all of the players and behind the scenes "things" that are going on I really don't see it happening very soon. There was a report of the conference on by Jeff Henderson, that I think really said it all and was a very good report. If you happen to go that way look under "News and releases" concerning the "State of the Sport Report", I belive it was dated January 18. Overall the "State of the Sport" report was very well done, very fluffy, but did give some interesting statistics. The new organization of the national office staff was illustrated and statistics concerning membership was discussed, of course without mentioning the word "Ironman" anywhere in the presentation. Of course I am sure I was the only one that noticed this, but someone has to, guess it has to be me. I will say that the conference was very well done and was the overall the best I have ever attended(16 years attending most of them in that time frame), with a great location(I have always felt the conference needed to be in Colorado Springs), great venue, with great topics, very well planned and presented. There was some great innovation, moving out of the box things, that were part of the new leadership and new ideas concept. I commend the new executive director for this excellent conference and all of his staff.

Last night was a great night in Lubbock, Texas. BSLT Triathlon Inc., the non-profit 501(c)3 with the sole purpose of promoting the growth and awareness of the sport of triathlon inducted 9 Lubbock, Texas area athletes into the Ironman, Kona finisher Hall of Fame. The following constitutes the charter members of this select group: Shanna Armstrong(3 time finisher), Kyle Ashley(2 time finisher), Marti Greer(1 time finisher), Mike Greer(2 time finisher), Greg Hogan(1 time finisher), Tim Key(5 time finisher), Jimmie Key(2 time finisher), Robby Timberlake(1 time finisher), Wade Wilson(2 time finisher). These folks are all good family oriented people with the ability to balance their lives and achieve great things in life. We commend them and thank them for the continued support of the BSLT Triathlon Inc. events.

On with the rest of the world: The more I read from Dr. Weil, On Healthy Aging the more I feel what he is saying makes great sense. He just had an article on "Enhancing Spiritual Health" and his 3 tips were: (1)Pay attention to your breath. Breath is our link to the source of universal energy that circulates through us and connects us. Minding your breath is a way of expanding consciousness beyond the ego and of experiencing transcendence. (2) Connect with nature. Try walking or sitting in a natural setting, whether a city park, a nature preserve or your garden. Allow yourself to slow down, drop your usual routines, and absorb the influence of nature. (3) Create a list of people in your life who make you feel more alive, happy, and optimistic. Make an effort to spend more time with them. Our spiritual selves resonate with others, and that connection is healing. You can get all of this information from Dr. Weil, in complete detail, from: ( you don't have to buy anything, either). Another good source of information comes from a Dr. Sears @ He just had a very interesting report on the "Healthiest Snack Food" that I think you will find very interesting. It is about the simple little ole "walnut". A very healthy to eat critter that might surprise you on what it does for you. The walnut, as the report indicates, has that very important Omega 3 fat that promotes excellent health and he tells you how to shop for healthy walnuts. I have been receiving his reports for sometime and they seem to be vey good. Contrary to Dr. Weil, you can order products from Dr. Sears if you decide to. But, you do not have to buy anything to receive his healthy news tips.

Wouldn't be a complete post without some GC and Willie stuff: On Willie, while I have been told that with my beard I look like Willie, I didn't realize we had some other things in common. He has been married for 50 years(to my 42), but not the same woman(4 to be exact to my 3), he has a total of 7 children by all(to my 7 by all). What a guy! The thing that we really differ in is that I can't sing and he doesn't like beer! He is a former runner(I still run) and now plays golf a lot(I play twice a year), but I don't think he bowls(I bowl in a league every Wednesday). Maybe we will meet some day and trade stories!

George Carlin stuff: Euphemisms: Political-Interest Groups-"Liberals call it affirmative actions, conservatives are less positive. They refer to government-mandated quotas, racial preferences and unfair set-asides." or "Rich Republicans want to keep their money in the family, and so the Republican party began to call the inheritance tax(a pro-tax return) the estate tax(a neutral term), while they later changed to the death tax(an anti-tax term)." or "Liberals call it Global Warming, conservatives call it Climate Change." or "The energy criminals now refer to oil drilling as oil exploration. Instead of Mobil and Exxon, they'd rather you picture Lewis and Clark."

USAT euphemism of the week: What use to be" brand value "or "economic impact" is now "social currency."

Mike Greer euphemism description of the week: Swim, bike and run use to describe triathlon, now with the new sophistication of terms being used it is now, "the evolution of synergistic motion."

Off to do my presentation to the Lubbock Convention Bureau staff on, "Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone for Success." Will give all my readers a report on this during the weekend. Some of the terms being mentioned are, "the box", "pie of life", "the 10% plan for achieving success" and when "Plan B becomes Plan A."

Have a great weekend!

Mike Greer

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Since the Holiday Season, 2005

Well the 2005 Holiday Season is over, done with and history. Some sigh with relief(parents I know who take it too seriously and just have to over buy for their darling children), some are counting their money(it was a good year for retailers), some are not liking the cold weather(those triathletes I know who don't like the indoor trainer), some are counting their blessings and looking forward to the new year(most of the people I know, including myself), some have new resolve and God forbid, made New Years resolutions(while I don't make New Year resolutions I do have new resolve and will cover it in this post), etc.

My new resolve centers around a few things but mostly has to do with putting to rest my hard feelings relative to USA Triathlon. While I had already posted my intentions to stay positive and not deal with the negatives it just never felt like I had really resolved my true feelings. So, I started by issuing a private e-mail apology to Skip Gilbert for some of my posts that were maybe in poor taste or questioned him as a person. While I had no intention of doing that it possibly came across that way. Skip is in fact a very good man and has the potential to be a very good executive director(He did accept my aplogy). Where I do disagree with him, and will never alter this feeling, is in the tactics that are being used in some of the new policies within USAT, namely the magazine. While I will be the first to admit the magazine, Tri Times, was a real, useless rag and needed refurbishing a lot, I do not agree that USAT should offer a magazine that competes against the for profit magazines in the sport. The simple reason is that USAT is a non-profit entity, by law, and has distinct advantages in competing against the for profits, plus that is not the mission of the National Governing Body in the first place. Even if it published the best magazine in the triathlon industry it would not make the organization the best National Governing Body nor would it be within the mission statement. On the other hand information concerning the sport should be presented in such a way that the readers will appreciate it and actually read it. Around our house the minute the ole Tri Times came in I had to make a flying catch of it heading to the trash can, since Marti would throw it into the can immediately. In studying the likes and legal definitions of the non-profits versus the for profits I find that the only real general difference, without going into all of the various details, of the two is what happens to the "profit", "reserves" or plainly speaking "what is left over after expenses" money. In the non-profits there are NO taxes paid on the reserves, in the for-profits there are, i.e. each entity has $500m left at the end of the year. If the tax base for the for profit is say, 30% then they pay the IRS $150m, using this same example the non-profit pays NO tax and has this for operating expenss, or for financing a new magazine. So, that is my beef and is not intended as a statement for the two major national magazines but just some points that I feel are important. While I have made this resolve it should be pointed out that it does not mean I will not voice my opinion or disagree when I feel like something is wrong, as illustrated above. But, my resolve will be not to issue personal attacks on anyone. Part of my frustrations have come from not being able to finish the job or exit the job, as interim executive director, as the employment contract called for. I had prepared an extensive exit report, as required by the employment contract, and was to spend two weeks de-briefing the new executive director. For whatever reason I was never given this opportunity and felt like what I had done over the 6 months tenure was neither appreciated or respected. While I know in making some difficult business decisions were met with controversy they were just typical things that happen when you are forced to make decisions that affect the personnel of the staff and board. What I do know is that the Federation had been sitting on a no-decision basis or real leadership for nearly 12 months and had just come out of the most serious sense of misdirection in the history of the organization. I met the challenges head on, reviewing contracts, interviewing all of the staff, personally, spending 12-14 hours per day in the office and traveling to events(11 total during the 6 month period) on the weekends. Sounds like boasting here, but really that is how I operate and I took the job very seriously, probably too seriously. The least this new management team and board could have done is allow me to present the out report in a professional manner. I was being paid very good money to apply the many years of business and triathlon experience I took with me to that office. Bottom line, that is my beef and I am sticking to it, with new resolve and moving on!

In regards to moving on, the new year is looking great, I have finished my new cd for my self- help seminar presentation for "Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone-For Success" and have some bookings already. While it is not up on my web site yet it will be or will be tied to the Mind Management book site. Stay tuned! Will also sign a new manufacturing representation contract with a manufacturer of earth moving equipment used in moving dirt for housing construction, and road construction. It will cover the entire USA, so look forward to this new challenge.

BSLT Triathlon Inc.( a non-profit 501(c) 3 Texas Corporation), presenter of the flagship Buffalo Springs Lake Ironman (70.3) Triathlon, the Buffman & Squeaky(they are sleeping right now) International Triathlon, the Tri Raider Sprint Triathlon and the new Women's only Iron Girl Texas Sprint Triathlon(Irving, Texas), has just announced the creation of the BSLT Triathlon Inc., Hawaiin Ironman Triathlon World Championship, Lubbock Area HALL OF FAME. The first 9(Marti Greer, Shanna Armstrong, Greg Hogan, Robby Timberlake, Tim Key, Jimmy Key, Wade Wilson, Kyle Ashley, Mike Greer) inductees will be honored on January 19, 2006 with a formal presentation.

There is some very good work going on by one of the USAT commissions to resolve the USAT/WTC separation and hopefully get these two organizations back together. It has some very positive vibes going on now and it is our hope that it will get done. We are so confident that it will get done that we are submitting our sanction requests for all of our races to USA Triathlon this coming week. We do not need this split in the sport and I feel that each organization, for the sake of the athletes and all of those affected, will want to resolve the differences in a postive way.

It is also my decision at this time not to resurrect the Universal Triathlon Alliance, as I announced in 2005. My feeling is that there is no reason to create more confusion and possible split in the sport. It will be my position to sit back and observe the current leadership and see what is being achieved and if the resolution can be accomplished between WTC/USAT. I do feel that the sport needs a true industry association, like any of the various associations throughout industry(Texas has over 600 such associations just for manufacturing alone), that aides and assists the race directors and/or athletes in multi-sport. With the growth of the sport in the past 10 years it has become impossible for the National Governing Body to do all it should for the entire sport. But, in the meantime I will observe and make my future decisions based on what the proof in the pudding reveals! At this time, with the alienation of 20-30,000 athletes as a result of the USAT/WTC split, I feel that ending this split will be one of the most productive things that can be accomplished for the sport in 2006.

There has been a big push in Lubbock, Texas to have the George W. Bush library built and stationed in Lubbock. The presentation was made a few weeks ago and it is our understanding that the city is a front runner(it should be for the $500 million promised) for the library. We have many people in the city who do not approve of this president or his actions(including me), and one has suggested that the library be based in Bagdad, Iraq. Thought this was a good idea myself!

After celebrating my 67th last December 16th(remember that) I have been ask what I do to maintain my health, still have hair that is not gray, etc., etc. Well here is my daily health cocktail: 7 scoops(very small scoops, in gatorade, organge juice, or whatever juice is available in the frig) of Ambrotose that builds and maintains the immune system(keeps the germs away and builds up the fort of resistence and you should stay healthy), Cardio Balance(Both of these products come from Mannatech), Silica 500 mg(for hair & nails), L-Arginine 1000 mg(prostate health and sexual health), Mega 3-6-9 1200mg(Borage, Flaxxseed, Fish oil) fights aches, pains, inflamation, etc., from Dr. Weir, and Dr. Sears. Race Caps(a Hammergel product I have been taking for 12 years).

GC for today: "Have you ever started a path? No one seems willing to do this. We don't mind using existing paths, but we rarely start new ones. Do it today. Start a path. Even if it doesn't lead anywhere." or "Be careful whom you befriend. They will eventually ask you for something." or "Cigarette companies market heavily to young people. They need young customers because their product kills the older ones. It is the only product that, if used as intended, kills the consumer." or "I've adopted a new lifestyle that doesn't require my presence. In fact, if I don't want to I don't have to get out of bed at all, and I still get credit for a full day."

Movies--Go see, "Rumor Has It", "Fun With Dick & Jane", on the list to see and will report, "Munich", "Brokeback Mountain", "Memoirs of a Geisha".

Off to ride the bicycle first, then the Hog,

Mike Greer