Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MLM Success at Last, Movie Reviews

Multi Level Marketing or MLM as it is called, has never been one of my bags. After experimenting with probably a 100 of them over the years I have never made a thin dime out of them. Whether they be the latest vitamin, candy, energy booster, weight loss gimmick, erectile dysfunction solution, hair restorer, or like the latest one I was recently suckered into which I never figured out what the product was, they just don’t work for me. The whole idea in MLM is to multiply yourself with other people and while they make money you make money.

But I have found one area of life that has a scent of MLM that I have been very successful in, multiplying people. This past week my son and his family were making their pass through Texas in route to their new duty station for the USA State Department in the beautiful land of Switzerland. Since this is not a common thing that just happens every other weekend the siblings decided we all needed to get together for dinner. So, as I sat on the end of the table(this is reserved for the oldest and the one who is picking up the tab) and gazed down the table I saw MLM in flesh and blood. There were my children, who had their children, then their one child had their child. So, we had children, grand children, and one great grand child. The total at the table was 13 and not all of them were there. So, bottom line here is: I am one successful MLM guy and it was fun to see them all enjoying themselves!! Makes me proud!!

Movie Review: “Friends and Benefits”, **, A young New York City female headhunter(played by Mila Dunis) convinces a potential recruit(Justin Timberlake) to leave his job in San Francisco and join the company she is recruiting for. After settling in they both decide they are lonely for the opposite sex and make a deal to have sex without commitment, feelings, etc. While the sex scenes are hot and soft porn, the arrangement between the two goes South. Very predictable ending and really not a very good movie. I would recommend matinee only pricing and make sure the popcorn is fresh. Rated R for sexual content(soft porn) and language.

“Zookeeper”, **, Kevin James plays the ultimate zookeeper, but also wants the ultimate woman. He finds that women are turned off by his profession even though he loves it. He does have a blonde hottie who tries to change him to something he is not, and of course there is the other woman who wants him like his is. Then the animals start talking to him and want him to stay with them. Some funny scenes but a very predictable ending. The closing credits are the best part of the movie, so if you happen to venture into this movie for matinee prices, please stay for this. Rated PG for some rude and suggestive humor, and language.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eight Weeks is UP, Movie Reviews

Today marks the magical 8th week since the infamous bicycle crash that I was involved in on FM 40, Lubbock, County. The 8th week is significant since I can officially start running now and get this body back in competition shape. Since I am entered in a sprint triathlon in Midland, TX on July 30 and another one the next day in Odessa, I must get the gears to grinding. For the past 3 weeks I have been able to crank the legs into good cycling shape and the swimming is also coming around. Now to pound the pavement a little and see what happens. I did attempt a little fast walk stuff last week and the legs were more like grape jelly, but I know they will come around after a few good runs. My coach says to take it easy and ease into it and that is what I will do.

Movie Reviews: As you will see the movie reviews involved some real bad movies, but it is my duty to report the good, bad and ugly and that is what I have done here. While I never pay much attention to our local critic I do compare my ratings with his just for fun. We do agree at times but for the most part we do not. My eyeballs see something a little different than his, but that is a good thing since the two different view points assist the potential viewer in making their decision on which movie to go see.

“Bad Teacher”, *, This is really a bad movie and wastes the acting talents of Cameron Diaz. Not much of a story here and no saving grace what so ever. The title of the movie describes it very well, go see at your own risk. Rated R for sexual content, nudity, language and some drug use.

“Horrible Bosses”, *, This is really a horrible movie and like Bad Teacher really wastes some good acting talent(Jason Bateman for one). A boring story and presentation of three guys who hate their bosses, so they decide to kill them. They go out and hire a hit man, etc., and it just goes down hill from there. Rated R for crude and sexual content pervasive language and some drug material.

“Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, ****, While I do not like the transformer movies or any sci-fi actually, I must give this a four star(but only for those that like transformer movies) rating because it is well done and has lots of action. I still don’t get how a mechanical robot machine bleeds and has emotions. What I have found is that the followers of these movies are just a devout as the Harry Potter, and Superman followers. Now you know how I feel!! Rated PG-13 for intense prolonged sequences of sci-fi action violence, mayhem and destruction, and for language, some sexuality and innuedo(wow, after all that guess you better run out and buy a ticket).

“Larry Crowne”, ****, This is one that I really disagreed with the local guy on. This is a very good movie that has that feel bad, feel good feeling and with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. They do have some chemistry and act well together. Tom plays the part of devoted employee of U-Mart who finds himself fired because he doesn’t have a college degree. While he is totally smashed by the firing he also makes new friends and enrolls in the local community college. Julia Roberts plays the part of a professor in the college and is going through some bad times in her marriage and life in general. What a perfect setting for these two characters to meet and carry the story forward to feel good status. Rated PG-13 for brief strong language and some sexual content.

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Friday, July 08, 2011

Inquiring Minds, Movie Review

Inquiring minds want to know whether or not I rode the motorcycle during the 22nd running of the Buffalo Springs Lake Ironman 70.3. The intrigue over this question was raised to unreasonable heights(and to think I didn’t think anyone really cared) when my favorite writer at the Lubbock AJ made a point about it in one of the lead in articles about the event. It seems as though some people felt I should not ride the Hog because of the bicycle crash injuries, especially to my left hip, etc. Turns out riding the Hog during the event is one of my superstitious habits that I do every year. Fact is the athletes have become accustomed to me being out on the course with the loud monster and expect nothing less. So, a couple of days before the event I took a test ride and everything worked great. End of story, I rode the big black Hog during the event and was able to help some of the athletes who had some flat problems and also one who had a heat problem(imagine that at 112 degrees). Not only did I get to ride during the event I was able to get a different look at all that goes on, besides I can smell the road kill and feel the wind(20-25 mph) running through my helmet. No better seat in the house during the race. Now getting ready for number 23(my lucky number)!!

Movie Review: “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”, ***, For those who do not like Jim Carrey just save your money; however, if you thank penguins are cute you can compromise and go see a funny, non-offensive movie. There is also a good story with it since he is a very successful Manhattan real estate person, who inherits six penguins from his father. He is also divorced with two children, so the penguins offer an avenue to score points with them. Cute and silly, so beware you may laugh a little. Rated PG for mild rude humor and some language.

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Psychic Income

It seems like a century has passed since I last posted and the fact is lots of stuff has happened and passed since my last post on June 18. The 22nd running of the infamous Buffalo Springs Lake Ironman 70.3 has come and gone. All of the planning, work and stress of race directing a triathlon has now passed and just the memories and empty t-shirt boxes are staring us in the face. Race directing has all of the psychic income anyone could ask for but it also feels like the local hotel must feel when the crowd checks in then checks out. All of the athletes come to town and tell you how much they love you and the event, then race the race and tell you again how much they love you, then of all things they go back home to the 42 states and 13 countries they came from. After all they do have a life and can’t hang around Lubbock past the triathlon, so they spread their cheer and compliments to you and then get the hell out dodge. The stories that they will tell when they get back home will be about the intense heat of 112 degrees for the 2011 Buffalo Springs Ironman 70.3 and how the volunteers of the event actually worked hard to make them comfortable and safe. Triathlon is a great sport and I love it, and now I will spend the rest of the season taking my recovered body to my next triathlon on July 30, in Midland, Texas. After the race I will tell the race director how much I love him/her, then collect my hardware, pack up, then get back to Ransom Canyon in the Llano Estacado! It just doesn’t get any better than that!

EA, SH.......:)!!