Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jack is dull boy, short wrap up Buffalo Springs 70.3

There is a saying that all work and no play makes Jack a real dull boy. Well my name isn't Jack but just put the greerman in that slot and you have it. The 18th annual Buffalo Springs 70.3 turned out to be the largest and most challenging(internally) than any of the previous presentations. From long time volunteers not being able to be present, for very compelling personal reasons, to service vendors not doing their jobs, it was a true challenge. For one the porta pottie providers we have used for years did not put toilet paper in the johns. This was must frustrating to all concerned and we didn't have a back up supply on hand. Did we learn another new lesson or not? Obviously their service is up for review and we will probably go to another provider for 2008. But the good news is that the athletes did not know of our many challenges, except of course the toilet paper issue(or is that tissue), and the race went off very well. The weather was absolutely perfect and there were no serious injuries. So, now the planning for 2008 has started and there will be Kona and Clearwater slots for 2008-9.

For the next few days it is still wrap up stuff, and then to the Hog, movies, maybe a road race on the 4th, a kids triathlon clinic on Saturday, two steppin on Saturday night, and some FUN!!

Will report back soon,


Monday, June 11, 2007

Not much time, Movie reviews

Sorry, my faithful readers but time is running close to the big Buffalo Springs Ironman 70.3 and we are busy. So, I have no big philosophical news to lay on you at this time. In leau of that I can offer a couple of movie reviews that might be some consolation.

Movies: "Oceans 13" ****, very good movie, entertaining, well thought out and presented and just fun to watch develop. Too many big actors to name them all, but Clooney is very good again, and the ole Pittman comes up from having babies to do a very good job. Go see!!
"Mr. Brooks" ****, since I love serial killer movies I was in hog heaven. Kevin Costner does a great job and the good/bad/baddest guy you can imagine. This movie is well done and keeps you on the edge, great ending. Go see, but be prepared for some blood, after all it is about a serial killer.

Will get back on track when I have more time, but don't expect anything on Paris Hilton, too much as been said about nothing as it is.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Milkman Tri, Current stupid news, Movie Review

The 23rd running of the Milkman Triathlon was this past weekend. The race is one of the real solid quality, safe races in the USA. The community of Dexter, NM, population 250 is some what smaller than the number of athletes that come to do this race every year. The volunteers are great and the race support is excellent. Larry Marshal, RD, is a great guy and always is there to shake your hand and give you a big smile. Thank you Larry for the great race, year in and year out. In the 65-69 age group there was some changing of the guard this year since two of the real fast dudes aged up to 70 based on the USAT rule of "age as of the 12.31" rule. So, this helped me stumble with a 3rd place finish and one of the coveted ceramic Milkman jugs. I now have six of the dudes from 1st(one) place to 3rd(mostly) place and they sit proudly in my office with big smiles on their face. After the race there is always the traditional go to the Dexter Bar in downtown. The complimentary chili, and green chili potatoes soup is beyond reproach and the beer is the coldest in the West. For a finer taste the margaritas pack quite a punch themselves. As Balls calls it, "the bar is a must after a good hard race." We all enjoyed!!

Some current stupid news: Paris Hilton's jail jump suit is on sale on E-Bay! Why in heavens name would this garment have any value to anyone. Even crouch sniffers wouldn't get their money's worth here and what a waste. It is sad state of affairs that something like this would be in the news, or that it would be news, or that anyone would be so stupid as to buy something like this. But the funny thing is, it is news to some people and someone will pay big bucks for these supreme sniffer overalls! Also, there was a report that some guy tried to jump on the Popemobile. Wonder what he was thinking since it is bullet proof and all it would get him is a ride to the mass and he would have to repent or be caste out into the world of protestants, jews and muslims. Strange world we live in today! But if he actually got to scrap his finger nails on the paint, then cleaned them, he could sell the remains on E-Bay. Silly me, why didn't I think of that?

Movie Review: "The Pirates", *, on top of that it is boring, boring, boring. What a waste of time, actually 2 hrs and 47 minutes of wasted time. Depp is still Depp, but only in the movie 40% of the time. It is hard to know when something is alive or a ghost, or which ship is real or a ghost. They got us again this time and are making millions. See it on DVD, or never, you haven't missed a thing. Whoops, I forgot, the popcorn was good!!

Disclaimer: Posts for the new few weeks will be less since the big one(Buffalo Springs Ironman 70.3) is coming up on June 24. Lots to do!!