Sunday, June 08, 2008

Rambling, The McCain is too old question, Movie Reviews

Due to computer problems and travel on the Hog I have not been able to do any blogging, so I will catch up with this one. The movie reviews this time are a little long, but this represents movies viewed since the last post, so don't think for a minute that I go to movies everyday. And or during my computer problems I wrote a blog on rambling and I felt it was a real masterpiece then when I hit the button to copy and paste it blew it out into cyberspace never to return. Really made me mad and I cursed the computer for at least an hour, but it still never returned. So, I will attempt to recap that blog and see what I can remember. To ramble by websters' definition, is to wander aimlessly or to leisurely stroll. The caught me by surprise since I thought it meant that anyone over 65 would talk until the cow's come in and really not say anything of value. Not that I have ever been accused of rambling but after turning 65 I have noticed that sometimes I do rattle in the mouth much more than is really needed. Or sometimes I find myself answering a question with such a multitude of words that it reminds of the saying, "you know I ask that guy the time of day and he told me how to take a watch apart." So, in light of this I now find myself rambling and getting no where so I promise to get to my point. My point being that rambling is a god given attribute to the glory of being over 65 even though some start this process at 60 and then never stop. I believe that rambling is a god given talent reserved only for those that reach these sacred ages and the reason is simple, we have learned a lot over the years, we deserve the right to express our vast knowledge, and really most of the seniors just don't have enough to do, so they ramble. It takes up a lot of the day and makes them feel that they have given back to society. During my most recent Hog trip up North to the Rockies and then down to the NW part of New Mexico I found many venues for rambling. When I would stop and fill up with gasoline I noticed that many seniors were rambling about the high gasoline prices, fact is I would have to pry myself away from them since I felt the same way and had to express(ramble) my feelings about this sore subject. At one gas pump in Colorado this guy in the pump next to mine expressed that Bush better get ready since there is going to be a complete uprising from the consumers of gasoline. While he never explained what that meant I took the opportunity to express that I agreed but that I really didn't know what he meant or what I meant. Since the real cold hard facts are that the Bushman doesn't really care and he is so lame duck he should be drawing un-employment income. Now if I was a true rambling senior I would now venture over into this Bushman subject and take up another 500 words of useless jabber, but I will refrain and hope that everyone gets my point. But, there are some rules here: 1. Don't dare start rambling until you receive your first social security check. 2. Don't start rambling until you have 100% gray hair, or no hair at all. 3. Don't start rambling until you don't have anything else to do. 4. Don't start rambling until sex doesn't matter, at all. 5. Don't start rambling until you have polyester long pants, with Nike white running shoes. 6. Don't start rambling in a group of 3 or more since you will not get a word in edgewise. 7. Don't ramble with anyone close by that is 40 or under, since they will accuse you of rambling. 8. Don't ramble to try and use it as a line to pick up single women, if you happen to not be married or if you are married and are trying to pick up women anyway. 9. Don't even ramble while in a fine dining situation since they will charge you more and expect a larger tip. 10. After reading this please run out and start rambling, you have earned it!! Go bro!!

John McCain will obviously be one of our presidential candidates in the next election. As I have stated in past posts it is a shame that out of 303 million people we only have the two choices that have been offered to vote for. The other part is that the age difference of the two candidates are in such contrast with each other, kind of like tit for tat, or tall vs short, or black vs white(take that anyway you want), or fat vs skinny, or liberal vs conservative, etc. On the part of McCain he advanced age of 71 has really been a big question is some of the voters minds. He always comes back with, "well my mother is 96 and she is still very active and alert." While that is true I decided to check on the other side of the DNA formula for bodily makeup and find that Mr. McCain did have a father and I found that his father died at the ripe ole age of 70(McCain is 71 now and will be 72 when he takes office if elected) and his grandfather died at the ripe ole age of 61. Now I know why no one asks him that question, they are not allowed to since that puts him into this eligible to die soon label. The good news is that he has probably taken a little better care of himself than his father and grand father did, after all they were 4 star Admirals in the Navy and probably toasted a few in their day. But we will probably vote for him and hope he has a strong VP or lives to be the age of his mother.

Movie Reviews: "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" ***, This is a movie to see but don't expect any awards at the end of the year. Adam Sandler plays Zohan, a brilliant and deadly Israeli commando who fakes his own death so that he can pursue his life's dream of becoming a professional hair stylist in New York City. He is also very well endowed and makes the most of it after coming to American, all viewers of the movie will have the opportunity to see innuendos of this endowment but not the real thing. Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content throughout, language and nudity.

"Baby Mama", ***, Much better than I could have ever imagined, but another one of those girlie movies. There are a bunch of them now so I have to put my feminine face on(not to be confused with cross dressing) to go see these for my reviews. A story about a very successful, single female executive(played by Tina Fey) who wants a child very much. She can't find the right guy and he biological clock is ticking at 37 so she hires a South Philly working girl play by Amy Poehier to become an unlikely surrogate, who also moves in with her. Segourney Weaver and Greg Kinnear co-star. Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, language and a drug reference.

"Indiana Jones(19 years later)", ****, Harrison Ford is great at 65 and doesn't ramble. Fact is he is great with his little mumbled one liners. He is still quick with the whip and can out smart any Russian, any day. Go see Mr. Jones discover he has a kid, and is renewed with an old flame. Fun movie and entertaining. Isn't that what movies are supposed to be about.

"Speed Racer", **, A movie that I am sure some will enjoy but I can't imagine who. I gave it two stars simply because of the imaginative and inventive project of a movie that transports audiences into a virtual kaleidoscope. It is of course a good and evil plot. Ho Hum! Wait for DVD or cable.

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall", **, The film stars Jason Segel as a guy who gets dumped by actress girlfriend(Kristen Bell). Segel takes an impulsive trip to Hawaii to clear his head, only to discover that his ex and her new British rocker(well endowed) boyfriend are registered in the same hotel. Then the story really gets hot(literally with some decent sex scenes, just above soft porn) and the action begins. Of course a happy ending and now that the curiosity is up, go see at the bargain time. Rated R for sexual content, language and some graphic nudity.

"Made of Honor", ***, A good movie and another girlie flick, but entertaining and a feel good movie. Michelle Monaghan, a very talented actress, gives up on the best friend she loves and accepts a proposal of marriage from a Scottish duke. The dude who plays her best friend is handsome, rich, sexy and stays in a proverbial horny state(side issue called womanizer by some), who is played by Patrick Dempsey. He realizes he loves his best friend(Michelle) but apparently loses out when she accepts the marriage proposal of the also well endowed, as verified by a shower scene(this is apparently the year for movies with well endowed males, and after all it is a girlie flick). While the ending is predictable the entertaining part is how the story gets to the ending. Go see, you will enjoy it. Rated PG-13 for sexual content and language.