Sunday, February 12, 2012

Freedom, Movie Reviews

What does 2.5 “ x 4.5” have to do with the feel of freedom? First, get your dirty mind out of the gutter and quit thinking it has to do with the “size doesn’t matter theme!” This freedom has to do with a little object most people on this planet have, adore, respect, need, and want. Fact is when it is out of their site they wonder where it is, where they left it, did some one steal it or did it drop down the commode on the last flushing. It may be black, blue or some off beat color dreamed up by the magic of artistic design. Now that you get it and I have your attention I am talking about that little monster called the “cell phone!” On Friday I took mine in for a face lift since I had dropped it numerous times and the face had shattered like a windshield up against a steel wall at 200 miles per hour. It was really a mess, but actually still worked. So, I had put off having it repaired simply because I felt I couldn’t live without it and didn’t want to part with the smallest friend I have. But, I took it in and left it with them with a promise they would have it ready within 3 hours. Now I wondered what was I going to do for these three hours, how was I going to talk, text, and e-mail for 180 minutes of the day when there is only 1,440 minutes in a 24 hour period.

The first thing I did when I got in the car was start looking for my cell wondering what had happened to it. Had I left it at home, had it dropped in between the seats, or had it been stolen. Oooops self, you just left it in for repairs. Then I decided I would go to the pool and get a swim work out in and I sure didn’t need it while swimming laps. Normally before I get in the water I check my cell for all the important commo’s that were coming my way, then the minute I get out of the pool I do the same. But wait I didn’t have my cell with me so I could swim extra laps to reduce the anxiety of not having that nagging, possesive instrument with me and if I missed a call like so what! After completing the swim work out I got out of the pool, took a shower, dressed and headed to my car so I could check my calls. God forbid it wasn’t there, must be inbetween the seats, no I left it in the pool, no it is in my swim bag, nope you dumb butt it is in for repair I finally realized.

So, I checked my watch and the 3 hours will be up in 20 minutes so I can drive around town till it is ready or I could go by a little early and see if it might be ready. After all it has been nearly 3 hours and I must have tons of calls, texts, e-mails, smoke signals, etc.!! When I enter the shop I am not the only person there and I noticed everyone had some kind of anxiety look on their face. O my God they must have been without their cells for the past 3 hours at least or maybe longer. What is this world coming to? When I ask for my phone they seemed to have trouble finding it, but then this little geeky looking nerd comes out from behind closed doors holding my cell in his sweaty hands with this grin that says, “I got your cell but your not going to get it until you pay me!!” Okay, no problem what is the cost since it doesn’t matter I have to have it now and I have hated this 3 hours of freedom more than you can imagine. As I walk out the door I immediately turn it on and lo and behold, NO messages of any kind on it!! I am not near as important as I think I am and all this anxiety for nothing. Now is the time to throw it in the commode!

Movie Reviews:

“One For The Money”, *, A really bad movie even if it is a Stephanie Plum novel story. Even an excellent actress, Katherine Heigl, can’t pull this bad movie out of the gutter. With that said even the excellent popcorn didn’t do a thing for it. Go at your own risk if you ignore my warning. Rated PG-13 for violence, sexual references and language, some drug material and partial nudity.(None of that helps the cause, it is a very bad movie, I want a refund!)

“Man On A Ledge”, ***, This is an excellent three star movie, lots of action, good story, and excellent acting. Sam Worthington stars as an ex-cop and now-wanted fugitive who risks his life on the ledge of a high-rise bilding while a tough New York City Police Department hostage negotiator(played by Elizabeth Banks) tries to talk him down. The longer they are on the ledge, the more she begins to realize that Worthington just might have an ulterior objective. Go see for yourself if that is the case!! Rated PG-13 for violence and brief strong language.

“The Grey”, ****, This is an exellent movie and star Liam Nelson delivers a terrific performance as a once-suicidal character unwilling to give up. A word to the wise, stay through the final credits. The story revolves around a group of oil rig roughnecks and the sniper(Liam Nelson) hired to protect them from wild wolves in the wilds of frigid Alaska. While being flown to their next oil rig their plane crashes and there are some survivors. So, the story now begins and will keep you on the edge of your seat, I promise! Rated R for violence/disturbing content including bloody images and for pervasive language.

“Safe House”, ****, Oscar winner Denzel Washington plays a CIA renegade, Tobin Frost, a dangerous spy who comes back on the grid after a decade on the run. Young rookie CIA agent Matt Weston(played by Ryan Reynolds) is his host in the “safe house.” Lots of action, lots of sub plots, lots of bad guys and gals. Lots of action, a must see for anyone who likes good stories, and action. Rated R for strong violence throughout and some language.

EA, SH......:),