Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sleeping Dogs

This morning as I was trying to determine what I was going to write about, my hearing(what is left of it) and mind picked up the sound of my dogs tucked away in deep slumber on the couch.  I knew this was deep slumber simply because their snoring was so loud I almost left the room just to get away from the barrage of roaring snores filling the room.  Then I started to wonder just why dogs seem to require so much sleep.  After all their only real worries center around a few things of life.  First they worry most about the next bowl of food they get and water.  I don’t really think they worry too much about water since it is usually sitting right beside the food bowl so it is of no concern to their worry wart brain.  But, they for sure worry about the food part since you can tell by their enthusiasm by jumping all over you, plus they eat it like there is no tomorrow and then slobber some water over it.  Their next worry is where they will take their next nap, after sleeping all night.  If they have the luxury of a back yard and it is warmer outside my dogs take to the part of the yard that has plenty of sunshine.  I guess they do this for the heat feeling on their body, since they are very black and do not need to worry about their tan lines.  They seem to sleep very well and will do this on alternate trips between the back yard, through the doggy door to their room to eat some food and drink the water.  As the day moves on the night time comes around my dogs are looking for that favorite treat, vanilla ice cream.  Anyone who thinks dogs don’t understand the English language just say “ice cream” around my dogs and they go into a form of circle dances for Bob, howling for Squeaky and Marley jumps!  Again, in our household these wonderful pets do not have a care in  the world, unless you alter some of their daily habits, i.e. run out of ice cream, run out of food, shut the doggy door and they can’t get out to poop and pee, not taking them on a walk some time during the day.   Now as I write this I guess I have answered my question, it is simple I guess, they are just tired from the daily requirements of being a good companion and serving us well as household pets that poop, pee, lick, bark, nibble bit, smile, get angry, growl, and come to us when we ask!  They are there for us and we should always respect that and be sure they have plenty of sleep time.  Good night Bob, Marley, and Squeaky!

Movie Reviews: *  Since the movie selection, in the city theaters, has not been real good this past month, I have only two reviews, so have added some of my favorite books as a replacement.  I might add that I have watched some movies on NetFlix and some of them are worth looking at with lots of choices.  These are what I call Class B movies but some are worth watching.

These are books I have read in the past year.  My reading habits are very consistent with 20-30 minutes every night before going to sleep.  Does not sound like much but I have read nearly 400 books that way, so it works for me.

Movie Reviews:

“The Shack”, ****, This is a very good book about faith in God, brought on by a family tragedy.  The star of the story is the father, played by Mack Phillips, who suffers great doubts and question about life.  He is given the answer through three spiritual visitors.  A well done move with a happy ending.  Rated PG-13, Thematic material and some violence.  
“”Logan”, ****,  A sequel, and another sci-fi.  Logan is caring for an ailing professor on the Mexican border.  Dark forces set in by a young mutant.  Lots of action.  Rated R, strong brutal violence, language through out and brief nudity.

Book Reviews:

“The Champion Mindset”-- Joanna Zeiger, World Champion, Olympian, educated and articulate multi-sport endurance athlete, presents her views on setting the mind to succeed in sports and life.  Rated *****

“A Life Well Played”, complete life bio of Arnold Palmer, great professional golfer who set the pattern for how professional golf is played, and is credited for the overall success of the game.  Rated:  *****

“Laws of Success”, Less Brown, a great motivational book. Rated ****

“15 Invaluable Laws of Growth”, John Maxwell, a great book on the subject of growth in our lives by an author who has sold of 22 million motivational books.  Rated:  *****

“The One Thing-Simply Truth Behind Extra-Ordinary Results”, Gary Keller, excellent points on changing your life for positive results. Rated ****

The Bill O’Reilly/ Martin Dugard,  killing books, “Killing Jesus”, “Killing Lincoln”, “Killing the Rising Sun”, “Killing Patton”, “Killing Kennedy”.  Great historical books concerning these very historical subjects.  Rated:  *****

“Stealing Time”, KJ Waters, while I normally do not read fiction I did read this book simply because I know the author.  It was a very exciting book to read and even though fiction you felt like you were involved in a true story and about time travel, etc. Rated: *****

“Boys in The Boat”, a great true story about the 1936 USA rowing team In Hitler”s Germany.  They won the gold and the hearts of the Olympics.  Great book, rated: *****

“Go Pro”, a very good book about network marketing.  Eric Worrie is the author and I have seen his presentations in person.  Rated:  ****

EA, SH.............:)!