Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mumble Jumble, Movie Reviews

As the years roll by it seems as though the rolling speed increases.  When I wake up it is January, new year, then the next thing I know it is June, mid year, then my next birthday is on December 16, XXXX, and I am another year older.  So, 2016 has skipped along just like all the rest except I am convinced it went by quicker than any before.  The good news is everything is fine and my athletic goal of 10 triathlon sprints was achieved and the grand total now of 381 scoots me closer to the magic 400 before I turn 80.  This years 10 events didn’t come easy and had some challenges, i.e. bike crash with broken clavicle requiring surgery and I only had 2 tri’s done at that time. Fast healing and being in good shape before the crash really helped me to complete the year healthy and the goal number of 10 achieved.  For the balance of the year I will work on my running and be ready for another 10 in 2017 with the season starting in March, 2017!  

This year was my 23rd visit to the Big Island of Hawaii to volunteer for the Ironman Triathlon World Championship.  Even though I have had the opportunity to do the race, as an athlete, two times, I now go as a volunteer moto driver for the 112 mile bicycle course.  Since I carry the most professional and great official, Candy, it gives me a thrill to be on the course with her and the best triathletes in the world.  

This time of year also means football season is here in full bloom.  Since I live in the city that is home to the Texas Tech Red Raiders I am a big fan of their football team.  The problem is they are not playing very well and I believe their head coach is just not going to get it done.  He was a great college quarterback and great man, but I just do not believe that a head coach who thinks like a quarterback will ever get the job done in the Big 12 conference.  The team was not prepared and made some very stupid mistakes, like stupid as stupid does.  At the same time my football team that I actually played for on a full football scholarship, the University of Houston, is doing well and has only lost one game.  They are playing well and could well win the conference and go to a meaningful bowl game.  They do not play the Raiders this year but I think they a scheduled for 2017!  The Red and Gray U of H hoodie looks great!!

Movie Reviews:

“Deepwater Horizon” ****, A true story about the off shore oil well disaster that came from the corporate greed for more profits.  The safety of the men and equipment was forgotten as the corporate profit mongers reduced budgets and forgot about providing a safe work place.  While we all know that Hollywood had to put their mark on this type of movie, I feel it was well presented with great acting.  Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Gina Rodriguez and Brad Leland are among those delivering great acting, while John Malkovich presents the greedy villain from the corporate office.  Later criminal charges were filed against the BP oil drilling company and $15 billion fines were charged to the company!  Rated PG-13: Disaster sequences and disturbing images, and strong language.

“Hell or High Water”,  ***, The is a good movie but has a real slow start.  But once it gets going it turns out to be worth watching.  It involves two brothers, one a good guy and one a bad guy.  So, they team up to rob the banks that have foreclosed on their mother’s property.  They were stealing just enough to cover the debts and no more, so I guess you would say, honor among thieves was the theme.  Chris Pine and Ben Foster played the brothers while Jeff Bridges played the retiring Texas Ranger who ultimately figured out who was robbing the banks, and then made the arrests.  Rated R: Violence, language throughout and brief sexuality.

“The Magnificent Seven”, ****,  This is a remake of the original western with Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen about a bad guy who gains control of a small western town.   In the  new version Denzel Washington plays a bounty hunter who is hired by the town folks to rid them of the villain’s.  He puts together the new magnificent seven made up of good guy/bad guy type folks.  While I do remember seeing the original I can’t remember enough to actually compare it, but I do know it is a good movie and enjoyable to watch.  Rated:  PG-13 Western violence and for historical smoking, language and suggestive material.


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