Sunday, September 25, 2011


Yesterday was a grocery shopping day and I was limited on time, so I had to make this shopping as efficient as possible. On the way in a young bag handler was taking a basket in so I jerked it out of her hands so I wouldn’t have to go any further to get a basket. Oh!! my plan of efficiency was already working as I headed to the first area to fill my basket, the fruits and vegetables. What I hadn’t thought about is that on Texas Tech game day everyone goes to the grocery store kind of like a natural disaster type thing. So, I had to weave in and out of other baskets to get to my potato bends and my beloved radishes. This took some driving skill and coordination since these people were really taking their time. After I got deep into the vegetable section I noticed this older man(probably my age but looked at least 102) and he seemed threatened by my aggressive attitude and wanted no part of me. This was good to go for me since I wasn’t looking for new friendships, old friendships or idle chatter, I was on a mission to get in and get out with my groceries.

Many times I see my ex-wife at this store shopping and there is some idle talk but mostly I run into her basket with great speed in hopes of knocking some of the money she got from me after the big D. This never happens but is a fantasy of mine. Now to the other part of the store to get the dog cookies, salsa, eggs, paper clips, oreos, bacon, white bread and other healthy food stuff that all households have. After filling the basket now look for a check out register that is not full or with someone with enough food to last through the next century. So, my luck was running good and I found a register that was going to be clear within a few minutes. This check out girl was so efficient and fast she didn’t even ask me if I had found everything I was looking for. This is kind of a standard thing with these checkers, but I responded quickly that I found everything, swiped my card, signed it, when ask if I wanted paper or plastic I promptly advised them plastic.

Now the real cruncher, as my bag handler was walking behind me with my quickly purchased food stuffs for the next week, she ask the all important question, “how are your allergies today?” Well I did a double take on that since what they have been highly trained to ask is, “how has your day gone so far?” I answered simply, no problems I have no allergies. Oh what a lucky thing you are, she says. Then I got the full allergy report from her, and after taking a look at her I noticed a swollen, red nose and red watery eyes. So, she wasn’t faking but I did wonder why she was telling me this. My last reply to her on the subject was that maybe she was allergic to grocery stores.

Yea I know that wasn’t too sympathetic but what the hell, I was there to buy groceries and make room for someone else to do the same, not to adopt some runny nose teenager! So, just get the stuff loaded in the back and I am out of there. As I parted ways with my red nose reindeer I wished her luck with her allergy medicines and thanked her for not passing out while she delivered and unloaded my groceries. My mission was accomplished in 17 minutes. Possibly a new world record and I was a happy man!

EA, SH......:),


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Losing It-Not, 340th

Yesterday was a great fall day in West Texas, just perfect for my 340th triathlon. Temperature was in the low 60’s, some overcast, slight favoring wind(this is my definition of a favoring wind-one that you go out on the course against it and then return with it). My reasoning is that you are able to ride it when you are the strongest and then speed through it coming back with it to your back. Since the run is first in this event(the Country Country Triathlon-Levelland, Texas) we had the same type of favor. After the bike we enter the swim in a pool and swim 400 yards. The only problem with this order of the disciplines is that your arms feel like lead and it is hard to get you breathing evened out. Plus, there are people all over you trying to kick, bite, scratch, push, hit, and then finally swim around you. I had a guy that wasn’t fast enough to pass me but was fast enough to stay on my heels(wish I had had some of those 8 inch heels on I wrote about a few days ago) and he bugged me the whole swim. Regardless I did beat him to the wall by about 5 seconds and it was done for another year. My efforts gave me a 2nd in my age group of four 70-74 year olds and now it was time to eat a burger and relax a little. Congrats to all my fellow triathletes and thanks for the competitive opportunities we have for friendly competition. Now let’s get ready for the half-marathon season and kick some butt!!

For sure I owe my faithful readers a few words of explanation. I just reviewed my previous blogs and found that I reviewed the movie, “The Debt” two times. Guess it falls in the category of losing it or something, but not really. Just got carried away with a good movie and did not mark it as posted on my chart. It would be losing it if I didn’t catch it or couldn’t remember posting it after I discovered I posted it. Does that make sense? Sorry about that, but it is still a three star.

EA, SH........:)


Friday, September 16, 2011

High Heels, Movie Reviews

Some things really bug me and for good reason, they are mostly just stupid. A good example is the new high heels that women wear now. While making my daily trip to the post office I noticed a woman not over five foot tall wearing these high heels that made her at least six foot. Not only that she had problems walking in them as they seemed to make her rock back and forth and then lean forward like she was making a three point landing on the side walk. While she was a little hefty the high heels must have made her feel off balance as she tried to maintain her balance. To go with the heels she had on a skirt that seemed six inches too short. I am guessing this was because of the heels and it threw the measurements off or something. Made me think that I was going to submit an appeal to the city council to make a new ordinance that prohibited such dress inside the city limits and a double fine if caught at the US Postal Office. That would be my do good offering to the city and would also protect me from being out done in the height situation. Since I am in the average height measurement for men of the world, I find it disgusting that women can run around raising their height by six inches and my little heals are no more than three quarters of an inch. If I could only wear their heals I would probably get a full scholarship to play basketball or I could high jump way above normal with my newly enhanced height. Now when I go dancing I also face the heel thing and that is more intimidating since I have a cowboy hat on and it hits my partner in the middle of her chin as we swing around the floor. Oh well now I have vented and ranted I will invent a man’s shoe with one helluva heel on it, make it stylish, get rich and retire to the real land of short people, Japan!! What a plan!!

Movie Reviews: “Colombiana”, ***, This one really fooled me and was a good movie. The movie opens with a star-making performance by 12 year old Amandla Stenberg as young Cataleya Restrepo, running, diving and sliding during a heart pounding pursuit that sets the tone for her character as an adult: an international assassin portrayed by Zoe Saldana. The plot is great and the assassin scenes or even better. Not only that she is killing off fat, evil, repulsive people so it makes it even better. One hit was even having sex with 3 women when our hero wacks him. Lots of active and fun to watch. Rated PG-13 for violence, disturbing images, intense sequences of action, sexuality and brief strong language(what more could you ask for?)

“The Debt”, ***, Another good movie but a little deeper in plot. Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington star in the powerful story of Rachel Singer, a former Mossad agent who endeavored to capture and bring to trial a notorious Nazi war criminal-The Surgeon of Birkenau-in a secret Israeli mission that ended with his death on the streets of East Berlin. But now, 30 years later, a man claiming to be the doctor has surfaced, and Rachel must return to Eastern Europe to uncover the truth. Overwhelmed by haunting memories of her younger self and two fellow agents, the still-celebrated heroine must relive the trauma of those events and confront the debt incurred. Interesting ending and worth the money. Back and forth in time was a little confusing but makes you stay alert. Rated R for some violence and language.

“The Help”, ****, This was a four star movie for sure and will gather some awards next Oscar night, I predict. While the movie has some smiles in it it is also mindful of a nagging, uglier part of American history, or at least that of the Jim Crow South. The movie is, at its core, the collective stories of black women who, one generation after the next, devote their lives to raising the children of white families in 1962 Jackson, Miss. Exceptional performances by the fantastic ensemble cast balance light and dark throughout. Actresses Vila Davis and Octavia Spencer are the ones who command the most attention by allowing characters to reveal fear even as they personify the courage necessary to fight back-to lead, at least, their own quiet revolutions for what is right. The movie reveals the real issues of that day and since I can remember those times, I can say it was not white washed and was a sad time of our history, but is now being corrected. Rated PG-13 for thematic material.

EA, SH........:),


Sunday, September 04, 2011

Colorado High, Movie Review

This is not a travelogue even though it might take on that appearance. Last week I spent 7 days in Colorado in sponsorship support of the USA Pro Bicycle Challenge. During that 7 days I stayed in 6 different hotels, drove over 2200 miles, loaded and unloaded ice(over 2,000 lbs) and Athletes Honey Milk for the start and finish line plus the various expos in the different cities. All of this was in support of 130 professional riders that are considered the best in the world. The state of Colorado spent over $10 million in support of this event in the name of advertising tourism and put the state out there on national television on a daily basis. I came away from the event impressed with their efforts and impressed with the fact that at least every person in Colorado owns one bicycle at a minimum. At each of the stages the spectators were dressed in bicycle outfits and had their trusty two wheeler right there with them. I saw one family of five that all had a bike and the latest apparel. The next bumper sticker must say, “Either Cycle or Get the Hell Back to Texas!”

The heroes in all this extravaganza are on the average 5’7” tall and weigh around 140 lbs.,(anyone over 6’ are in the jolly green giant category and are very limited) with the leanest upper body for someone still considered living I have ever seen. Then their muscular body really starts below the waist line with highly defined sleek shaved leg muscles that almost look aerodynamic. Being aero is very important to these guys since any wind drag has a tendency to slow them down and they must push harder. Some would call these guys(no gals allowed in this group) great athletes but I question that term to describe them. The greatest cyclist of the past 15 year was our own Lance Armstrong, now past his prime, and he said that he was really not an athlete but simply a technician with a strong VO2 max. Regardless who wins the argument here these guys have a few things that make them athletes, for example they have defined muscles, breath hard, sweat, complain, boast, get mad, say stupid things, wear a helmet in competition, have an air of arrogance, wear a uniform of sorts, and love their field of armor, notably the bicycle.

See you on the roads, I am going for a bike ride, right now!!

Movie Review: “The Debt”, ***, This is a very deep movie about a former Mossad agent, Rachel Singer played by Helen Mirren, who endeavored to capture and bring to trial a notorious Nazi war criminal-The Surgeon of Birkenau-in a secret Israeli mission that ended with his death in the streets of East Berlin. But now, 30 years later, a man claiming to be the doctor has surfaced and Rachel feels she must return to Eastern Europe to uncover the truth. Since Rachel has become famous for her role in this high profile case she had also become overwhelmed by the haunting memories of her younger self and two fellow agents. Quite a deep story and one of those films that skip around in the time so you wonder what year it really is. Even though I only give it three stars it might show up on the possible awards list later in the year. Rated R for some violence and language.

EA, SH.......:)