Monday, August 19, 2013

Six Words Make The Point, Movie Review

To have the opportunity to speak my mind and relate my viewpoints is one of the greatest freedoms that we can have in life.  If I have an idea that I think is good, humoris, thought provoking or even life changing I can express it without fear of retaliation from anyone.   My freedom comes from a way of life that was established many years ago when the USA declared its’ independence then backed it up with a constitution that gave it meaning and continuity.  The lifestyle that I chose is also complimentary to this God given freedom of choice.  A healthy lifestyle is one that includes exercise, consistent diet and piece of mind that if I follow it I will be able to face any adversary or challenge that may come my way.  Today, in this modern world there is way too much emphasis on money and the amount that we either have or will have through working income and investments.  To be judged and placed into some kind of category, i.e. wealthy, rich, etc., has reached a status that I find disgusting.  My definition of wealth begins with a healthy lifestyle and is truly measured by how this lifestyle equates to good health.  By being healthy throughout my life and especially into my senior years I am guaranteed the ability to use my years of experience, education and initiative to be useful until the day that I leave this life to continue on with my next. Now, if I have the ability to make a nice income above and beyond the average, then so be it and my thoughts are to use it wisely and remember there may be a time when the ability to create income and monetary wealth is not as great as in the younger part of life.  While I see people who win the lottery or happen to be born into wealth completely mess up there lives I wonder what they are thinking and why are they such a waste.  I also wonder what the very rich think when they have all the money anyone can imagine but acquire a deadly disease at a young age and regardless of their money they still die young.  My measurement of wealth centers around having enough money to do what I want to do.  However,  YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR TRUE WEALTH!!  Over the years I have been able to travel to many places in the world and have only seen a small fraction of it, so I must maintain good health and strength to visit those places I have not been to.  While I have been to all of the United States and 13 countries I would like to visit some of the many countries I have not been to.  The reason for traveling in life is that it enables a person to be exposed to the many cultures that exist in our world.  While there are cultures that do not seem to offer much attraction there is a reason they were put there by God.  After all we learn more by adversary than we do with complacency or no confrontation.  In conclusion, give me good health for the rest of my life and I can accomplish anything I make up my mind to do!!

Movie Review:  “Lovelace”, 0 Rating, While this is a true story of the famous pornography film, “Deepthroat”, made in the ’70’s, the overall presentation is about how “Lovelace” was introduced and forced into this sleazy world and the sad circumstances that resulted from it.  While the acting wasn’t terrible and the script was probably hollywood correct, it was a depressing display of how money can drive good people to do bad things. The film ending up grossing $600 million while she was paid $1,250.00. I do not recommend this movie to anyone and obviously the theaters feel the same way, since it only lasted two days in Lubbock.  Rated:  X for obvious reasons.  Disclaimer:  Yes I went to see it knowing what the subject matter was and my curiosity was to see how the film makers handled the story line.  There actually was no porno to speak of in this film, while there was some implied shots and it was easy to determine what was happening.  The depressing subject matter had a tendency to hang on for two days, another reason why I would not recommend it.

EA, SH, TD..........:)!


Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Small Town Stuff, Movie Reviews

You know when you are living in a small town when the daily news release headlines says, “MOSQUITO SPRAYING ALL DAY SATURDAY!”  Other little tidbits also reveal you are in a small town went he city limit sign has to count the many wild varmints(coyotes, deer, raccoons, foxes, snakes, vultures) to add up to 1,000.  Other signs:  no school system, no post office, no main street, one police officer with only one bullet in right reast pocket(even Barney had two in Mayberry), July 4th parade with riding lawnmowers as the float vehicles, also when there has only been one traffic violation ticket issued in 10 years(and I got it!), a pancake cookout every July 4th.  The other neat sign is when you see teen agers actually walking to the swimming pool or carrying fishing poles to fish out of the enormous Ransom Canyon lake.  Life in the small town is especially neat when you just have to drive 11 miles to get to the big city of Lubbock with lots of people, freeways, chain stores, bars, and plenty of speed traps to the auto driving law breakers.  Thank the Lord for some silly smallness left on the planet!!

Movie Reviews: 

“Red 2”, ****, Retired ops CIA agent Frank Moses(Bruce Willis) reunites his unlikely team of operatives-including characters portrayed by John Malkovich and Helen Mirren-for a global quest to tract down a missing portable nuclear device.  Enough said to stir your interest in seeing this very good movie.  Mary-Louise Parker, Anthony Hopkins, Byung Hun-Lee, and Catherine Zeta Jones really add some star power to this story line.  Rated:  PG-13 for pervasive action and violence including frenetic gunplay, and for some language and drug material.  

“R.I.P.D.”, *, Really not worth a star but gave it that since Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds starred in this sci-fi farce.  Not even worth telling the story line or plot.  Go at your own risk and with my warning, NOT WORTH A DAMN!!  Rated PG-13 for violence, scifi/fantasy action, some sensuality and language, including sex references(this rating was designed to draw you into a bad movie!!)

“2 Guns”, *****, Another five star for the year(only two so far), starring Mark Walberg and Denzel Washington both playing undercover federal agents.  One for the DEA(Washington) and the other for the Navy Intelligence(Walberg).  A complicated plot that in the end is designed to bring down the bad guys(drug dealers) and confiscate $43million from the drug cartels.  Lots of action with great chemistry between Walberg and Washington.  Rated R for violence throughout, language and brief nudity(Washington always gets the woman, with sex scenes, Costner use to get to do this!). 

EA, SH,........:)!