Sunday, November 11, 2012

Big Hangover, Movie Review

Now that the election results are old news there seems to be a feeling around the country that resembles one real bad hangover.  The morning after had that feeling like lack of restful sleep, slight or heavy headache from wondering about the present problems of the country and then the future problems, or better still what does this “new face” of America really mean.  Rush Limbaugh(not one of my favorites) said it very well, “hey, wouldn’t you vote for the one candidate that is like Santa Claus and GIVES everything to you or would you vote for the candidate who says, “we will provide jobs for you to work and provide for your family.”  Well the food stamp program has increased considerably over the last four years, the government programs have increased the same.  So, I am going to assume that those 47% of the population Mr. Romney mentioned in his closed meeting, went out and voted for Mr. Ho Ho so they would continue to be taken care of.  The only thing here is that it goes on for 12 months, not one day of the year.  On hangover day I talked to two of my good friends and they had contrasting situations, one is a billionaire and the other one is unemployed, but they were very harmonious in their reaction to the election results.  They both had sleepless nights and woke up with a bad case of where do we go from here.    

It is obvious the new face of America became a real thing and not just a passing fling. Someone wrote that the Big O provided a smooth campaign organization that was made up of Asian, Chicano, Middle Easterner, African American, Native American and Females, that assured him of getting that almighty 47% vote, and truly represented the “new face of America.”  While the Republican ticket had two male caucasians(will they be extinct by the next election or what?) running for the top dog spots and almost assured themselves of not relating to that huge group of “new facers” whether they did or not.  These guys really never had a chance since their corrective measures for the country called for the “new facers” to go back to work and be producers instead of recipients.  It is almost like the country voted like this is some kind of glee club or something close to it.  They did not take into consideration that the national debt went from $2 trillion to $16 trillion in four years.  Yes Mr. O, YOUR four years not the W’s eight years.  So, since I am in the minority and losing ground fast I will say that I did the only thing I could do in a democracy, I VOTED for the candidate of my choice and that was Mr. Mitt Romney.  While I thought his running mate is a good, smart man he was a total mistake in the eyes of the voters, especially the “new facers!”  So, I am asking the Republican party to wise up and figure out how to get the votes because the Big O will be running for a third term.  Ooooops you say, that can’t happen.  Well yes it can if he gets the 22nd amendment changed, and he has the power to do it.  Now let’s get over our headache and go out and be productive so we can support the many government programs.  

Disclaimer:  While I know the above message looks like an editorial I guess it really is.  After all I woke up with the same hangover as my two friends did, so I had to vent some where, so what we will do is gird up our loins and produce!!!

Movie Review:  

“Cloud Atlas”, *, Wow what a waste of acting talent.  This movie was done in such an unconventional way I never figured it out.  Even the local movie critic saw it twice to figure it out.  He gave it four and half stars, but I am sticking with my one since I figure most people will not pay twice to try and figure it out and neither will I.  The local critic gets in for free, so it is no skin off of his teeth.  Just imagine having Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and Hugh Grant as stars and then stumble.  The film was nearly 3 hours and flipped back and forth between six interlocking stories set in the 1849,1936, 1973,2144, and 2346.  So, you just about have to be an accountant to keep up with the different stories.  Possibly my readers are much smarter than me and can get the stories in harmony with each other.  Rated R for violence, language, sexuality/nudity and some drug use.  

EA, SH........:)!


Monday, November 05, 2012

New Holiday

Since I really do not know what the definition of a “fuddy-duddy” is I should know since I have been been called that by some of my friends around this time of year.  The reason is that I think Halloween is a bunch of mularkey and I really cannot stand the whole idea.  It costs money for stupid costumes that generally represent some form of bloody death, evil eyes, crooked broken teeth, at least one broom stick, ghoolish attitudes, and weird sounds.  Then on top of that our children have been taught that they can dress up in some form of costume and carry a bag around the neighborhood “begging” for a treat and if they don’t get it they are licensed to do a bad “trick” on the unsuspecting person who had their lights turned out in their house, so no one would knock on the door.  In two of my 73 years I have actually dressed up in a costume, one as a female cheerleader and one time as a vampire.  While I still can’t believe I did that or imagine that I would confess to it, I will say it gives me more authority to state my case against this practice and enhance my position as a “fuddy-duddy” on this stupid Holiday.  

Of course I realize that the US of A is obsessed with holidays and if it wasn’t Halloween on October 31 I am sure it would be something else.  I notice where we currently have 39 official holiday’s listed and the closest country to the USA is Germany with 18.  All major countries listed in the survey I saw practiced Christmas and Easter except Japan.  It is amazing how many holiday’s the US actually has, but I guess it is only normal since money is one of our obsessions and banks must have their holiday’s and the government offices need their time away from dealing with the public.  Now what I am suggesting is a “No-Holiday” day.  It will be difficult to find a month for that holiday since all months are currently taken, however, I think we could possibly put it on April 1 and move April fools day to April 15 which is the day our national income tax is due.  The rules for this holiday would be that no banks or governement offices would be closed but all other businesses can close if they want to.  There will be no parades or costumes unless someone wanted to design a special No-Holiday T shirt and possibly a special alcoholic drink with a big kick to it.  Now, I am getting excited about this the more I write and if the voting public believes April 1 is goofy I volunteer my birthday on December 16th!

This is the big election week and I encourage everyone to go vote for the candidates of their choice.  I voted a couple of days ago in the early voting booth at the local super market.  Seems like a great place to vote since I could get me a Red Bull, some potato chips, and then really concentrate on how I would vote.  I confess that I voted for the guy who promised a “real” change for the better in our country and I hope if he is elected that will happen.  I also just watched a presentation that came popping on my computer stating Obama will win the election and then after four years he will run and win a THIRD term.  While I have not checked the rules on that yet I thought they could only serve two terms.  The presentation was about 45 minutes long and the guy gave all of his facts, etc., stating why this would happen.  He wasn’t a psychic or anything, just a banker with all kinds of theories.  Interesting information to say the least!! Kind of scary, like Halloween!!

EA, SH.........:)


NOTE:  Movie Reviews will be posted on a separate blog!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews:

“Argo”, *****, This is an excellent five star movie and should win some Academy awards.  Ben Affleck’s winning streak as director continues, with a story that would strike one as preposterous if it were not based on fact.  The story is about a secret bond between the CIA and Hollywood that results in the extraction of six Americans hiding in Tehran during the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis.  A fictional movie was created called “Argo” and the idea was to move the filming crew into Iran, use the hostages(they were in hiding inside the Canadian Embassy) as actors and then rescue them out of the country.  John Goodman, Ben Affleck do a great job of acting and the idea of this rescue was very unique. Makes for an interesting movie and it does not disappoint.  Rated R for language and some violent images. 

“Seven Psychopaths”, **, This is a black crime comedy with some good actors, but is so weird that you will wonder why you are there.  So, I am warning you about this one, so if you go, it is all on you.  The actors are Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, and Woody Harrelson as they play out this seemingly stupid plot, all having to do with stolen dogs taken for ransom.  Colin Farrell plays a writer who just cannot complete his book and is looking for inspirations to do this.  So, he becomes teamed up with these criminal psycho’s and the story does from there to the bitter, bloody ending.  Weak hearts and stomachs should not go see this.  Rated R for strong violence, bloody images, pervasive language, sexuality/nudity and some drug use.  

“Here Comes the Boom”, ***, This is a very harmless feel good movie that produces postive end results.  Any time you save a failing school system you can’t go wrong.  Kevin James stars as a devoted high school biology teach who subjects himself to a series of beatings as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter in an effort to raise the $48,000.00 needed to save the school’s music program.  Salma Hayek and Henry Winkler(the Fonz) also star and do a great job.  This is a matinee type movie at discounted prices.  Rated PG for bout of Mixed Martial Arts sports violence, some rude humor and language.  

“Alex Cross”, **, An American crime thriller staring Tyler Perry as the police detective/psychologist character.  A sinister serial type killer is stalking the city and Perry’s character, Alex Cross, goes after him.  Along the way there is much violence, death and destruction.  But, in the end Perry gets his man and lays him to rest.  This movie is just one notch above a B movie and will probably end up in some kind of series since the Alex Cross character comes from a popular crime novel series.  Perry is a good actor and usually plays in comedy roles, so I do give him credit for making the cross over. Rated PG-13 for violence including disturbing images, sexual content, language, drug references and nudity.   

EA, SH........:)