Saturday, July 28, 2007

IrongirlTexas done!!, Off to the Permian Basin, Movie Review

The second annual IrongirlTexas was held last weekend in Irving(Las Colinas), Texas, so we can now get down to the business of living life as it should be done. While directing 5 races is no big feat to some, it is to those of us who have other lives. But, they are all done now and we feel that we have had a very successful 2007, in that regard. The IrongirlTexas event is for women only and we really felt good about the overall event this year and felt we made some improvements over last year. Due to the flooding that took place in the DFW area two months prior to the event the entrants were down about 20% from 2006. But, the ladies that did enter and compete enjoyed themselves to a perfect weather day and well organized event. With 450 entries it far surpassed any other women's only in the DFW area and we appreciated this support very much. Our planning for 2008 has started and at this time we plan on staying with the Las Colinas location and feel that it is safe, and very accommodating to the type of race we are putting on. The police and community are very nice to work with and this means a lot. See all you ladies in 08!!

Now it is off to do a race for myself and be real narcissistic in Odessa, TX, the heart of the Permian Basin. The race is a run, bike, swim, at the sprint distance so my lack of training and tooth problem should not be an excuse(but I will use it if necessary). The bike goes out and back to the South of Odessa, the run is around the UT Permian Basin campus, then the swim is in the outdoor 50 meter pool. It will be nice to compete for a change rather than race direct.

Movie Review: "License to Wed" **, Robin Williams is one of my favorites, but is totally wasted in this movie. While he is to focal point of the movie he is just not allowed to really go with it like he can. He plays a popular minister who specializes in preparing couples for marriage, so it has some good twists, etc. My two star doesn't mean you shouldn't waste your money, but just emphasizes that Williams' great talent is wasted to a degree. I would go at matinee time and save some money!!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wal Mart visit, Movie review

Retail service people or clerks as I use to know them before they became customer service associates really need some lessons in how to take care of their consumers. This morning I went into the local Wal Mart and I knew what I was going to buy, but had a few questions. When I approached the guy who was supposed to know it all I noticed an arrogant air about him that started to piss me off. It really wasn't the rings in the nose and ears, or the extreme body art, but just the way he had his sleeves rolled up and the cocky way he was sitting on the counter with the attitude, "look at me dude I am the man with the plan for the aisle 8 air compressors." So I started asking some questions and he started taking deep sighs wondering if his next break was going to happen just a few minutes sooner. After he half hearted answered my questions I then said I needed a dolly to take it to my pickup. He then replied that he didn't have a dolly but they could get it to my pickup anyway, so I said, "really I don't care how it gets there, just so it gets there after I pay for it." So, purchase made I embark on getting it loaded. Now of course I have to go to another guy to get it loaded, but since he was a notch below the pierced guy I had some more common ground. We ended up working together to get it loaded and I was on my way. Now, I know for sure that the buoys at IrongirlTexas will be blown up by the Wal Mart compressor and we will live happily ever after. Sam Walton built that empire on friendly and courteous service and lower prices. Guess he is rolling in his grave today, since that isn't happening today. They also eliminated the friendly greeters when you enter the store. This kind of disturbs me since I thought once I got a little older I could put on one of those blue vests and be a greeter, even though I am really not the greeter type. I am really more the bouncer type, so maybe I can get a job as a bouncer at the my favorite two step place, "The Sting." One can only wish!!

Movie review: "You Kill Me" ****, very good movie about an alcoholic hit man, played by Kingsley(can't remember his first name), who is a very good actor. the supporting actors do a great job also. This has all the ingredients of an entertaining movie, with a very good story line. Go see, you will not regret it!!

Off to Big D for Irongirl Texas this weekend,


Friday, July 13, 2007

Book reviews

Well I had a few books I wanted to pass on to my faithful and loyal readers that I think would be of interest. I got so carried away with the dentist visit I forgot to put them on the earlier post. Here goes: "Where Have All The Leaders Gone?"--Lee Iacocca, great reading, I am half way through it and started it yesterday. A tremendous book about the current state of our country and the leadership(or lack there of) of the same. Iacocca is one of my favorite people and is one guy I would love to meet in person. He is 83 and going strong, what an example! His 9 C's of leadership are the best I have seen. He says he didn't offer ten C's because someone might accuse him of playing Moses. MUST READ!! Next on list: "Hate Mail From Cheerleaders and Other Adventures From The Life of Reilly"--I love this guys' style of writing and can't wait to read this book. Reading his stuff is an adventure and done with a great sense of humor. His back page articles in Sports Illustrated are great. "Reposition Yourself--Living Life Without Limits", T.D. Jakes, picked this one up and gazed at it enough to know I am going to like it. On going reading: The American Presidents-7 different resources, The Secret-Rhona Byrne.

On to the massage parlor,


Dentist visit(ouch!!), Movie reviews

Do not confuse this story with another boring, "my race report story", because that is not what it is all about. This story is much deeper than that and will reveal the rest of the story. First, on May 6, 2007 I competed in the Ransom Canyon Triathlon, felt great and had a very good race. I actually improved my time by two minutes over the previous year, then on June 2 I raced the Milkman Triathlon(easier and shorter venue), felt terrible on the run and thought I was not going to finish. Before the race I had some uneasy feelings and even weird feelings. I wondered is this how you die, you know you feel real weird, look into the heavens and then there you go to the big man in the sky. Well I did finish but with by far the worst time of my many years at this race, and to think this 5K run was getting me down, was a complete downer. While I did get third and a beloved milk bottle, my time was nearly seven minutes slower than the 2nd place finisher, my friendly competitor Joe Howell, so now I got concerned. What the hell has happened to my body in just 4 short weeks? My training and nutrition were the same, I slept well before the event, so what is going on? While I tried to function as usual with work, play, etc., something was just not clicking right. Then my mind starting thinking every bad thing you can think and they were all terminal. Funny how the mind is, the ole saying you are what you eat and think was surely true for me at this time. So, I scheduled doctors appointments to go in and have tests run to see what was clicking in there. Well all of the tests came back very positive and I was fine, but if that was the case then why did I feel so bad. Now I scheduled my annual eye exam and while I was at it I needed to have chipped tooth looked at and oops I forgot, I have had a slight tooth ache for about 4 weeks so maybe I should have that checked. My eyes checked out good, then off to the dentist. He immediately took x-rays of my tooth ache, turned while as he looked at the x-rays, then said, "you have an abscessed tooth here and it must come out NOW, not a few days from now, but NOW"!! Okay I said, grab the pliers and get to work. He also explained that this type of thing would make you feel weird all over and not right for just about anything. Made me feel better already, but I did dread the thought of him pulling that dude out. After he took his position on my chest, looking like a sumo wrestler with a pair of pliers, he went about digging that bad tooth out. After what seemed like hours he got it out, cleaned me up, then sent me home with some anti-biotics and plenty of gauze to stop the bleeding. Now after a few days I already feel better and hope to get back on the steady training program and maybe do another triathlon or two. I'mmmmmm back!!!!!!!!!

Movie reviews: "Knocked Up" ****, the title will turn many off, but this is really an enjoyable movie, with a good story line. Katherine Heigi and Seth Rogen play the lead roles, and while they are actors you remember by face, but not by name, you will like them in these roles. Rate R for sexual content, drug use and language(understated). The story includes an unwanted pregnancy and what they decided to do about it. Good story, happy ending, but some twists along the way.

"Evan Almighty" ****, excellent movie with Morgan Freeman(as God), and Steve Carrell(a modern day Noah as appointed by God(Morgan Freeman). This movie is very entertaining, well done, and has a very good story line. No one is offended in this movie. Morgan Freeman plays a great God and has my votes for this part. Carrell plays the part of Evan Baxter, a television newscaster, newly elected to Congress, but then called by God to build an ark(after he takes office in Congress). Go see this, it is enjoyable.

For today,


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Three out of six, not bad, movie review

My goal over this long weekend was to get in at least seven fun things and take the dull out of Jack. Well yesterday started out this journey, i.e. 28 mile bicycle ride with friend John Harris(always a treat since he is the voice of Texas Tech basketball and gets to rub elbows with Coach Knight), a triathlon clinic for kids at Texas Tech, a post Buffalo Springs Race party at one of our good friends, excellent athlete, and loyal supporter of our race, Greg Hogan(he also earned a slot to Clearwater 70.3 World Championship), and then the icing on the cake, some two steppin to our favorite Penni Lawrence Band at the infamous Sting. Now to round the weekend out with a a swim workout, some Hog riding and a movie. Now Jack will be a happy camper and will do the final preparations for the Irongirl Texas event on July 22. What were we thinking, race directing 5 events this year, 3 months in a row is totally stupid. If all we had in to do in this life is race direct it would be different, but we have more balance in our lives than to center everything on race directing. It is by far too stressful and takes the fun out of the sport. I promise that 2008 will see a totally different approach to all of this. Of course Buffalo Springs 70.3 is the star attraction and will not change with us, we just signed a new contract with WTC for Kona and Clearwater slots for 2008 and 2009. We will meet a new milestone in 2009 in that the race will be 20 years old, I will be 70 and Marti will be 50. Will it be time for us to finally grow up and move onto something else, or what? By that time we will have had nearly 20,000 athletes pass through the starting chutes of the infamous Buffalo Springs venue and enjoy the many challenges of the course. As the founder and management company of this event we have seen many changes since the first year, 1990, of this event. The two main things we have seen are the increased number of athletes that do the race, but we have also seen tremendous increased costs to putting the race on. I wonder just how high the entry fees will go until the athlete says, it is too expensive, I will just stay home and race(we have over 40 states and 10 countries that come every year). The good news is that our fees are very competitive to all of the other 70.3 races, so that is a good thing. Bottom line is that we look forward to the next two years and will offer the same type of race we have always offered, professional, safe, fair and laced with love and tender care from our many volunteers. See you all in 2008!!!

Move review: "Live Free or Die Hard" ****, Bruce Willis is at it again, flying through the air after being blown up or dropped from an airplane onto another airplane. The fourth sequel to the original "Die Hard", this one is very action oriented from the very first scene. So don't go thinking there will be some 20 minutes spent on Officer Maclanes' personal life and why he is so tough and bitter over his divorce, etc. While there is the personal touch with his grown daughter, and she becomes part of the drama and struggle with the bad guys, it is mostly about doing away with the bad guys and saving the world from computer mad idiots. The conclusion is predicable, but the journey to get there is very entertaining and the special effect action scenes are done to perfection.

Off to play some more, will report back on my progress,