Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bowling, modeling, Playtri Festival, Movie review

Bowling basically sucks!! Wait a minute I guess I should say that MY bowling sucks. Couldn't believe how bad it was last night, even the draft beer was flat, the popcorn was stale, and the post race food sucked. But, lo and behold the real bowlers on the team pulled us through with 3 out of 4 wins. That may have moved us up in the standings, but didn't find out before I left. At one time this year we were actually in first place, but have dropped considerably over the past weeks. Oh well as we say, "it is just bowling!!" There was some ray of sanity for the night in that one of the female bowlers on another team has a fixation on my butt. So, I always wear tight fitting jeans just for her. Not only does she tell me this but she aggressively grabs it in front of her husband. I can see the headlines now, "local triathlete who also bowls on the side, mauled by a 14 pound bowling ball by jealous husband." Even though I am innocent of any wrong doings(believe me I only lust at the grocery store) I am amazed that women do seem to have a fixation for men's butts. I also understand that it works both ways, so I guess time about fair play. I also have a little compassion for this poor women since she must have bad eyes or something. The other factor is that I see what the competitive tight male jeans look like and realize there is not a lot of competition. At any rate I am flattered and will continue to wear the tightest 501 Levi's or tight cut Wranglers whenever I bowl.

Speaking of butts, I was called by one of the largest ad agencies in Lubbock a few weeks ago and they wanted me to be a model for one of their new advertising campaigns. I wondered why anyone would want a 68 year old to model something, why not just dig out a dinosaur and put skirts on it. It turns out the agency had secured a very up scale retirement community to do all of their future advertising campaigns and they needed a senior for the ads. The description of what they were looking for was, "a male senior who doesn't look like a senior and is still in good physical shape." Needless to say that when the owner of the agency told me he thought of me on this I was again flattered. The gig called for me stand in some kind of athletic position in the swimming pool(no Speedo was allowed), look into the camera and smile a lot. This went on for one hour in an outside pool at a very expensive private home, and I nearly froze my butt off. But, I did make a nice wage for doing this, they loved the outcome and who knows I might have a new career. Who says getting old has to be dull!!! Maybe next time it will be with the Hooter group or something like that(I like their chicken wings).

This past weekend was spent with some very special people and involved some very hard work. Marti and I volunteered for the Playtri Festival in Las Colinas(Irving), Texas and it involved 9 events from running to triathlon, and I thought they were going to throw in some washers as the weekend progressed. Everything went fine, no injuries and everyone seemed to have a fine time. While this looked like way too much work for me, we did enjoy being part of it. We would like to take our hats off to Staci, Anne, and Merry for the hard work they did. They are special people doing everything they can to grow our great sport of triathlon. We look forward to their future presentations.

Movie review: "Disturbia" ***, When I go to a movie I have no prior knowledge of I do two things to acclimate me to what it may be about, first, I look at the crowd taking their seats. This crowd was made up of 18-23 year olds, cell phones working, balanced between male and female, fairly orderly, etc. Second, I notice the previews of coming attractions and know that the previews of these future movies will be similar to the movie I am going to see, i.e. you don't see "Mary Poppins" being advertised along with "Silence of the Lambs," etc. With that in mind I knew that I was in store for some kind of bloodshed, other violence, and maybe some nudity. It turns out this movie is about a serial killer(one of my favorite type of criminals) who lives next door to a high senior boy. The other thing about this movie is that I did not recognize any names in it, i.e. senior boy Shice LaBeouf, his girl friend Sarah Roemer, his mother Carrie Ann Moss, the serial killer David Morse. While I did recognize the face of Morse I would not have been able to recognize the name. The was billed as another Alfred Hitchcock, "Rear Window" type movie. While it had some similarities do not expect it to be this good. The story, senior boy loses father in auto accident, senior boy is depressed and becomes a troubled student, he hits his teacher, gets grounded by a judge and sentenced to house arrest for 90 days. So, he gets out the ole binoculars and watches the neighborhood. He then notices strange things going on with his weird neighbor(Morse) and the action begins. Also, a good looking girl moves in next door, just so happens she is his age, and the sparks start to fly there. While I rated this ** when leaving(mainly because the cell phones lights were blinding me) but raised it to *** after giving it some thought. Don't spend prime time money on it and probably just wait for the DVD or possibly just don't go to it. It is not one you will miss if you miss it, get the drift?

Big weekend, BBQ contest judging at the lake, ride the Hog, do a movie, watch the Renegades football team, do some training, possibly ride to Bob Wills day in Turkey, Texas, Hog rally at the Depot district in Lubbock, wow!!! busy weekend!!


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Golf part II, Bike ride, Renegades, and Grocery shopping

A couple of things I forgot to mention earlier about watching the pro golf tour players, is their politeness(I think that is a word). When they complete a round of golf with their opponent they do three things, they first take their hat off and acknowledge the gallery, then they shake the hand of their opponent and their caddy. Haven't seen anything like that in pro football, basketball, baseball, or hockey lately. Enough about these nice guys!!!

Even though the Mayor was unable to make our bike ride today we were able to get in a very good 30 mile ride. The weather turned out to be a perfect day, for a perfect ride, with no dogs chasing us or anything negative. There were many riders out today, so we said hello to a bunch of fellow cyclists. Immediately after the ride we decided to use our season tickets to watch the new Arena2 football team, the Lubbock Renegades. The game was very good and I really like to watch this compact version of football. With a 50 yard long x 25 yard wide field, played indoors with eight lightening fast players and it is fun to watch. It also resembles basketball since you are so close to the players. There is not much of a running game, but when they do run and hit each other you get the full sound affect right in you seat. The Renegades lost this game 51-48 and had a chance to win it, but just couldn't muster the points. It will be interesting to watch them again and see how they improve. One thing I did notice is that the cheerleaders were in abundance, at least 20 of them and in very skimpy attire. Fact is, they have so little on they make the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders look like an order of Nuns. I did goof though and didn't take my binoculars, silly me I thought that since the stadium was so small and the field was so close I wouldn't need them. Well I learned my lesson, watching the cheerleaders with the naked eye is not a smart thing and the binocs will be there the next time. I knew I had a good thing going when Marti suggested that their outfits were totaling disgusting. Yea, I agreed, those little tiny bra type tops barely covering some well endowed boobs has to be disgusting. Then the skin tight shorts they had on were equally disgusting, as their tight butt cheeks just had to peek out at the crowd. WOW, so disgusting I am increasing the power on the new binocs I must buy before the next game.

Finally the day ended with a trip to the grocery store. As many of my readers have learned I have embarked on this duty as the sole purchaser of food for the household. However, since Marti and I went to the game together we decided to go by the grocery store on the way back to the canyons. Well I knew I had a little problem here so I decided to do a little confessing before we went into the store. My confession was very straight forward. I confessed that grocery shopping was really my job and I usually prefer to do it alone, plus the fact that there are generally some very good looking women in the store and I do like to observe(some call it gawking or staring with lust, but I like observe better) and I felt that with her being with me it would hinder my observations. She assured me that she knew what I did and how I liked to flirt with the opposite sex. I kind of resented that since flirting seems to be such a childish thing and after all people my age really don't do that type of thing. Regardless, we entered the store with the understanding that we would travel in some what of an independent mode and when I wanted to observe or talk to someone there were would be no problem. Well it turns out that Sunday night seems to be a weird night to shop. I guess all of the good looking, professional, well endowed women of Lubbock have shopped during the week and do not shop on Sunday night. But, what I did notice was an abundance of college age young ladies doing their shopping. The only problem with that was they all had their boy friends with them. Now, for a college age young man to be in the grocery store on Sunday night has got to be the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Some day I will write a letter to the editor about it and maybe they will stay home instead of venturing onto my turf. Of course I also realize that observing young college age young ladies puts me in the dirty old man category, which I resent totally. I just like nice scenery as I shop for the nutritious food that gives me energy to still feel the need to observe. Go figure that one!! Well of course we get to the end row at about the same time, put the vanilla in the cart and go to check out. Marti asks, "See anything interesting?" "As a matter a fact I did see some outstanding fresh melons, fresh cherry tomatoes and I can't wait to eat some of that vanilla ice cream when we get home." How was that for a fast recovery?? My conclusion after this little venture was to stick to shopping by myself and that way I can enjoy whatever I happen to observe without be rushed.


Golf and Bowling, Movie review, Current books

Golf and bowling are a lot alike, hand to eye coordination are very important and correct form is a must. While these sports don't seem to take a lot of athleticism(whatever that is) they are very much a challenge to master. I have always felt like that anything I could do while drinking a beer, eating a burger, and in some cases smoking a cigar or cigarette, it just wasn't much of a sport, but again what do I know. After participating in many sports over the years I sure haven't mastered golf or bowling. Fact is, I guess I am somewhat miserable at both of them. So, when I see these sports done in such a way as the current pros play golf(I haven't watched any pro bowlers lately so can't speak for them at this time) I am truly amazed and have to say that they are tremendous golfing athletes. From what I see of the current guys and gals on the pro tours I would say that they could probably convert to just about any sport and become good at it, if they wanted to. God forbid if Tiger decided to convert to triathlon, move over guys because he would apply all of the focus and dedication it would take to win and win big. Now what has motivated this thought process this morning has to do with watching the Masters golf tournament last weekend. Fact is the weather was very bad, so we road the indoor trainer and watched endless hours of the Masters on Saturday and Sunday. Even though the weather was playing havoc with the Masters, these guys were still out there in the wind and cold hitting that little white ball around the beautiful Augusta National golf course. Now a days when it comes to the major golf tournaments the one name that always comes to mind to be in the winners circle on the final day is Tiger Woods. I remember vividly when he came on the professional golf scene a little over 10 years ago and started winning like no one else has ever done, in that short time span. His attitude is simple, he believes he can win any tournament he enters. Of course he doesn't always do that, but he sure wins plenty. So, needless to say he was expected to win his fifth Masters title and maintain his kingmanship, but it just didn't happen this time. As Rick Reilly(my favorite writer for Sports Illustrated) said, "Life promises you a few things. Cary Grant's fly won't ever be unzipped. Dobermans won't ever go vegetarian. And Tiger Woods won't ever cough up the lead on a major Sunday. Life lies. On Sunday, Tiger charged to the lead and then actually, yep, LOST IT!! In 12 major tournaments he has never lost the lead after regaining it, but he did in this one. Fact is, as Rick points out, "on the 12th hole, Woods left his birdie try five feet short! I thought I'd see John Daly(one of the few real bad boys of golf) enter Harvard before I ever saw Tiger leave a big birdie putt short. So, you ask, "enough of the Tiger man, who won the damn Masters?" Well it seems that a 31 year old gentleman from Iowa did his home work, played with a conservative nature, let the long ball hitters hit away into the rough and water, and won it fair and square. What was a little irritating to me was that when Sports Illustrated did their cover for the Master they showed Tiger making a trouble shot out of the rough that actually broke his club, and put a little 2" x 2" inset photo of Zack Johnson who won the tourney. Oh well it is a proven fact that Tiger not only drives the golf ball, but drives the PGA, so why not give him the cover. When the pro tour started growing in prize money Lee Trevino use to say that for every $1.00 he won he should give Arnold Palmer 50 cents of it since he was the influence of that day on growing prize money. Well if that be the case now, all of the pros should give Tiger 80 cents of what they win. Regardless, I love the game of golf and keep up with it as if I played it very often, which I don't. I have played one time this year and that will probably do it for the year, even though I might seek out a par 3 somewhere. I do like to buy new clubs from the latest 1-800 deal and should put them to use instead of hanging them in the garage. One of the other things I like about professional golf is that the game is really played in a sportsman like manner and they are real gentlemen during competition. You never see one of them charging into the gallery to fight with the fans, or see them hit someone in the back or neck so hard it paralyzes them, or you never read about the most recent arrest of Tiger, Phil, Zack in a bar room brawl or how many illegitimate babies they have across the USA. They also learn to hit the ball very far off of the tee box with proper equipment and skill, while ultimately getting it in the hole with practice and concentration. No stuffed bats, no steroids, just plain ole hard work and practice, practice. Yes, this is refreshing to me and I commend them. Also, with names like Zach, O'hair, Appleby, Sabbatini, Goosen, Kelly, Rose, how could you go wrong??

Movie reviews: "Perfect Stranger" **, the only thing perfect about his movie is Halle Berrys' breasts, and cleavage(whichever comes first). If you like watching her then rate it *****, but if you want a good movie then this isn't in the category. While it has some intrigue it just doesn't have any substance. While I was distracted by three talking women beside me, and endless cell phone admirers just having to look at their text messages, the movie still didn't do it for me. While Bruce Willis was also in it, his part was useless and meaningless. One thing they did have was fresh popcorn, very good with small coke. The story was about sleazy investigating reporting and its' associated pitfalls. It does have a rather interesting ending, so maybe the bargain price would be worth checking it out. Rated R for sexual content, nudity, some disturbing violent images(blood, stabbing, shooting, etc.) and language(Berry loves the f..k word). "Slow Burn" **, one of those kind of movies that does flash backs to the point that you forget what movie you came to see. I like Ray Liotta, but he is not a leading man the way I see it. He is great in fill in the blank roles, but not the leading guy. This movie goes around in circles with lots of violence, sex, etc. It is about and aspiring district attorney(Liotta) of a major city who wants to move up the political ladder with all kinds of sleaze balls getting in his way. It is rated R for sexuality, violence and language. "Blades of Glory" *, This movie is so stupid I am ashamed to say I saw it. Will Ferrell and Jon Heder star as two male figure skating rivals aching to compete again, despite having been banned from the sport for life(actually this resulted from their engaging in a fist fight on the awards stand after they were given tie scores). Their old coach finds a loop hole in the rules that would allow them to compete again as a pairs team. Yep, nothing in the rule books says the "pairs" have to be boy/girl. So, they compete as boy/boy!!! Guess you are really turned on about this plot by now. It is rated PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, language, a comic(ridiculous is a better definition) violent image and some drug references.

Current books now reading: "Living Successfully with Screwed-Up People," Elizabeth B. Brown, one of the best I have read relative to the subjects covered. Some chapter headlines, "Put on Your Glasses," "Who is Screwed Up?" "Can Ailing Relationships Make You Sick?", etc. While I bought it at a truck stop, you can get it on Amazon for $10.00. You will enjoy the cover!! "The Secret," Rhonda Byrne, while I am just getting started on it, it is best described as a great resource for self discovery. This was purchased at Barnes and Noble, but I imagine it is on Amazon.

Got to do some training, and then some coaching(actually motivating) of our mayor for his quest in doing the Tri Raider Sprint triathlon on June 24. He is the first Mayor to show any interest in our event over the past 17 years. We appreciate that very much.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Sea Gulls, Few Perks available(poor things), Movie Review

It is amazing how we can go along in life and not have somethings happen to us, then the unexpected happens. Last weekend while attending the "very excellent" Lone Star Triathlon Festival in Galveston, Texas, we were sitting in the refreshment area enjoying the complimentary adult beverage minding our own business when lo and behold a sea gull flew over and pooped on my favorite Ironman shirt. Now, for the life of me I know that in my 68 years this has never happened to me. But, not only did this dirty bird poop on my right sleeve it hit in the white portion of the shirt so it really showed up. One thing I was proud of is that the color of it matched my black and white colored shirt. Of course I don't think Graham Fraser would be too proud since it was an Ironman Florida shirt. Oh well, now I had to finish my beer while seeing this bomb sitting on my sleeve. After letting it dry a little bit I went into the rest room and was able to remove it with a paper towel and water. Now I can say that just about everything I can imagine has happened to me. One thing I can say about sea gulls is that they are very interesting to watch and since they travel in groups, they always make their presence known. We have a lot of vultures who catch the wind currents in the canyons and circle and circle around for hours. Since their are so many old people in Ransom Canyon I assume they assume that someone is going to die real soon and they can get some fresh meat. Wow, what a ghastly sight, I must be in some kind of weird zone to even think this since I fall in the Senior category.

My own assessment of the Lone Star Triathlon festival was a simple five star rating *****, can't go any higher than that, since that is the highest of my rating index. Keith Jordan puts on an excellent race and is truly a valued asset of our great state. He and his staff are to be commended and we look forward to actually competing in one of his races soon. We always enjoy volunteering and had some great fun on the bike course. There are some excellent detailed race reports on Suggest anyone interested go to this site.

Last week I noticed in USA Today and front page article about the lack of "perks" offered to the families of the basketball players who will play in the final four this week. To me the article was totally disgusting and it reminded me of why our society is so full of itself and true bulls..t. The subject was on the huge sums of money that they basketball programs bring to a university and the fact that the "student-athletes" only get their scholarships out of these funds. The families were complaining that they only get free tickets to the championship game and have to pay for the rest of the trip on their own dime. Well poor things, what is amateur athletics about anyway? I cannot think of one reason why they should get anything more than complimentary tickets to the game. One parent even made the statement that all the athletes get out of all this is a free education. WOW, JUST A FREE EDUCATION, that galls the hell out of me. An education is the most valued thing in the world and this narrow minded parent says, "just an education." Wish I could meet her in person and let her know what this should really mean. It also makes me appreciate Coach Bob Knight even more since his graduation rate of his players is 95% and many of the basketball factories are nothing more than breeding grounds for the NBA with education in the back row.

Just below the "poor parents" article there was one on how the obesity problem of the USA is affecting the recruiting requirements of soldiers for our professional volunteer armed forces. Seems as though our kids are becoming so fat that the military is having to adjust their requirement to better accommodate the obesity that is running wild in our country. These are the same parents that are suggesting they need more perks, at the same time they are feeding their little darlings to a point they cannot pass a physical exam by age 18 and must go on extensive diets to be accepted in the military. Disgusting!!!

Movie Review: "Shooter" *****, Mark Walberg does it again, playing the part of a sharp shooter for the military, he makes us believe it is really happening. A must see for people who like action and enjoy seeing the bad guys taken care of in an appropriate manner.