Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bowling, American Airlines debt solution, The W man quoted, Movie Reviews

Bowling doesn’t suck after all, especially on the last night of the league competition and there is no pressure to knock all the pins down. So, we have our last night and I bowl a 267* and a 643* series, but it doesn’t count since the season is over and now we are bowling for “fun.” While I thought that was what we were doing through out the year it appears that we really were not and when it is “league” bowling the chips are on the line and it is dog eat dog. I really can’t explain the ability to knock the pins down on non-league night versus league night but I think it must be a thing called “choking.” Other sports have their chokers so why not bowlers. But, I will say that the food was much better on the last night, like maybe the “last supper” type thing. At any rate I collected my $123.35 portion of the winnings after spending nine months bowling at a cost of $432.00. Sounds kind of like the government type economics, but at least we enjoyed it and had some fun. During the season I took the time to bond with my bowling ball and build a love hate relationship with the 10 pins that sit at attention in a triangular formation with that little smug gut right below the stripe. There are some pins that act right and usually fall just like little tin soldiers but then there are others that just won’t go down. Let’s take the 10 pin for example, it sits over in the right hand corner at the back of the formation with a big smug on its’ face saying, “never will I go down for you”, while the head pin sits up at the head of the pack saying hit me if you can. If you hit this pin head on you are destined for bad things, like a split for sure and an open frame for sure. So, either hit that pin just to the right or left while giving it a little nudge and you may have a strike but usually not an open frame. Bottom line here is that bowling is all about numbers, knock them down and you get a higher score, duh!! Now to lay off for the summer and do some serious hog riding and triathlon training.

*Modified rules for the last night of bowling that gives you more of a chance for getting a strike if you knock at least 8 or more down on the first ball. I took extreme advantage of this rule and got some good strikes on my own for the high score and series.

As I had mentioned in my previous post I do a lot of traveling and always have. One time when my kids were very young and I came home from a trip my youngest daughter, who was only 6 at the time, looked at me when I came into the house, looked at her mother and ask, “is he staying all night here tonight?” Sometimes the travel got so bad that after staying in 2 or 3 different hotels in a week it was hard to remember where I was when I woke up at night. One night I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bath room and went to the location where the bath room was in the last hotel I stayed in, but in our house this direction took me to the laundry room. As I reached down for the clothes dryer door I realized that this was not the rest room and this door was not the seat of the commode. Then I stumbled back into the real bathroom to releave myself. Now after returning from the trip this past week to Alabama I came home with a great plan for American airlines to get completely out of debt. When we got on the first flight of the morning it was still very cold in the airplane, so we ask for a blanket and got the news that it would be $5.00 extra for a blanket. Well that incensed me to no end since the airline tickets had cost over $600.00 and now I had to rent a blanket(the $5.00 didn’t allow you to take them with you) to stay warm on this freezing airplane. Then as I sat there in near frost bite I thought, wonder why the airlines don’t charge for their other services, such as: paper jackets for tickets-$2.00, lifting bags-$5.00, providing stairs to planes-$10.00, cushion on the seats-$5.00, blanket-$5.00, seat belt-$10.00, peanuts-$5.00, Soft drinks-$5.00, alcohol drinks-$10.00, open the door for you to get off plane-$5.00, baggage claim-$5.00, pillow-$5.00, magazines-$5.00, toilet paper-$5.00, then I throw in a little miscellaneous and airport taxes of $12.00 and that should add up to $100.00 per flight. Now here is where it really gets good, American has 635 planes in daily operation so let’s assume each plane makes 10 flights per day at $100.00 per plane, the take is $635,000.00 per day times 365 days for a grand total of $230,775,000.00 per year on “passenger flight up grades.” This is my solution for how American Airlines can get themselves out of debt, or they could just look at how Southwest Airlines operates and duplicate that for greater profits. Take your pick American, but quit harassing your passengers for a lousy blanket!!

Remember when the Mr. President, George W. Bush (not for long though), said memorable things like, “mission accomplished in Iraq”, something like 4 years ago. Then not long ago he was asking about the high fuel costs and he was not aware that gasoline was over $3.00 per gallon (of course he would not know since I don’t think he has pumped any gas in a while). In the past few days he did it again when ask about his discussions with the Saudi King, Abdullah about high rising oil costs resulting in higher gasoline prices at the pump, he said he would discuss it with them. But here is the kicker when he was questioned about their ability to raise their production capabilities, he states, “the capacity of the Saudis to raise production –and thus help lower prices—is limited.” “When you analyze the capacity for countries to put oil on the market it’s just not like it used to be,” Bush said, “The demand for oil is so high relative to supply these days that there’s just not a lot of excess capacity.” However, here is the real story. Saudi Arabia has considerable additional production capacity. It’s pumping a little over 8.5 million barrels a day, compared with about 9.5 barrels a day two years ago, and has acknowledged the ability to produce as much as 11 million barrels a day. Whoops, how we know what they discuss while holding hands!! Guess the W man was too involved in the wedding plans to really know what the facts are in Saudi land.

Movie Reviews: “88 Minutes”, ***, Rated as Al Pacino’s worst movie by our local critic I do disagree. While certainly not his best it is not his worst either. He plays a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI that offers expert witness testimony in serial killer cases. An imprisoned serial killer, on death row and to be executed within days, designs a plan to kill Pacino and in turn get himself set free. He then sets the plan in motion and gives him 88 minutes to live. It is a suspenseful and intense film, so be prepared. Rated R for disturbing violent content, brief nudity and language.

“Ironman”, **** (No folks not that “Ironman”, Kona style, but that Marvel comic book Ironman). Robert Downey Jr. (out of rehab again), Jeff Bridges, and Gwyneth Paltrow do a great job in bringing this character to life. Downey plays an eccentric, billionaire, Tony Stark who manufacturers deadly weapons of destruction and sells them to the Middle East clowns, who like to kill each other. The drama begins when Stark is kidnapped while on a tour of the Middle East watching his weapons destroy buildings and people. He designs a metal suit of armor that allows him to escape, and then the real drama begins. A great ending for the sequel. Rated PG-13 for some intense sequences of sci-fiction and violence and brief suggestive content.

“What Happens in Las Vegas”, ****, Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz play a couple who end up in Las Vegas, go on an all night drinking party, get married, then win a $3,000,000.00 jack pot that causes all sorts of problems since they want to get a divorce immediately. It goes to court and the judge sentences them to 6 months of unhappy marriage and they must stay together to get the money. Of course the predictable happens, but it is the way it happens that make it a good movie. Stay for all the credits at the end of the movie; they throw in some scenes that weren't in the movie. Rated PG 13-for some sexual and crude content, and language, including a drug reference.