Tuesday, September 15, 2020


 Since it has been some time since I posted on fasttwitchmind I feel a little rusty!  So, I will just start in on a new and exciting subject, about the many weird things that are going on as a result of the virus(the 19 one).  While I have read many different explanations about what this is all about and what it does to the human body, etc.  First, I read one article about a woman who had the virus and she had 137 symptoms, starting with a headache to a toe ache and something on every part of her body.  Now, do you suppose that is one of Trump's prime fake news sources, since it was on my phone.  Well I will leave that to the great debate, assuming Biden can remember what day it is on, and Trump can figure out who he would insult on this given night.  While this was not supposed to be about the election or the fact that it is very sick of our nation, with a population of 320 million people and we only have these two old men to run for president, one is already senile and the other one is a complete liar and narcissistic idiot!  Oh well, as I have said this is not about politics and I hate to vear off into that subject.  But,  please understand I am neither Democrat or Republican and I voted Libertarian in the last election, and my man was Gary Johnson.  The first thing you will say is that I threw my vote away and of course I disagree.  My one vote counted as one vote and even though my candidate did not win my vote still counted.  So, who will I vote for this year?  Good question, but I do know I will vote even if it is a write in for me.  Well I have all the strong attributes of the likely two candidates and I can beat them in one thing that they can do nothing about, BONG//$%, I Am older than both of them by 4 years and 7 years.  So, how about a write in for the old Greerman.

So, I will post this and see how it comes out!  Welcome back!!!!!